Final Fantasy IX Available Today for PS4

Final Fantasy IX Available Today for PS4 - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 19 September 2017 / 1,542 Views

Square Enix announced during the PlayStation press conference at TGS 2017 Final Fantasy IX will launch worldwide for the PlayStation 4 today. It is discounted to $16.798 until September 26, then it will be priced at $20.99. 

View the launch trailer below:

The re-release of the 2000 game includes:

  • High-definition movies and character models
  • Auto-save functionality
  • Seven optional booster features, including high speed mode and no encounter mode, the Master All Abilities booster, which will allow players to automatically master equipped weapons and gear, as well as features to maximize character levels, magic stone counts and gil
  • PlayStation 4 trophy support, share functionality and remote play with the PlayStation Vita handheld entertainment system
Thanks Gematsu.

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Nem (on 19 September 2017)

Back when Squeenix still knew how to make a good FF game.

Bandorr (on 19 September 2017)

And remembered how to make great ones. Like FF10

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Nem (on 21 September 2017)

Don't push it. :p While FFX was decent, it was the beggining of the decline.

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Zkuq (on 19 September 2017)

Ah, the age of being able to sell a 17-year old game with minor improvements for over $20.

V-r0cK (on 19 September 2017)

Tell that to the master, Capcom with USF2 at $40 lol. I'm not happy with the price for FFIX either though.

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Zkuq (on 19 September 2017)

I take my words back. $20 is much better than $40. This is one of the reasons I love PC: Because of backwards compatibility, there's much less room for this nonsense.

  • 0
Nem (on 21 September 2017)

Tbh it's worth those 20 more than many games today are worth 60. I do wish they had fixed the backgrounds. It looks odd when the models are higher res than the background.

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Zkuq (on 21 September 2017)

I agree, and I haven't even had the chance to play the game yet despite owning it for years. I also agree about the background, and my opinion goes even further: I think many remasters look odd (in a bad way) because their environments weren't designer for such sharp image quality so they look very barren.

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Panama (on 19 September 2017)

Worth it just for theme that plays the title music every time i turn on my PS4.

Dyllyo (on 19 September 2017)

Wait. REALLY?! I had no idea this was coming out. I still have the PS1 version, but I am getting this regardless. One of my favorite FF games

Landale_Star (on 19 September 2017)

Where is FFVIII?