For Honor Update 1.05 Out Now on PS4 and Xbox One

For Honor Update 1.05 Out Now on PS4 and Xbox One - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 19 April 2017 / 8,867 Views

Ubisoft announced For Honor update 1.05 is out now on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It was released two weeks ago on Windows PC.


Here is the complete patch notes:


Superior Block feedback

  • Warden’s Top Light opener Superior Block visual effect applied on sword. 
  • Kensei’s Dodge Forward, Left, Right Superior Block visual effect applied on sword. 

Developer comments: Superior Block visual feedback used to be inconsistent across characters. In general we make the weapon or shield flash for the duration of the Superior Block. Some characters like the Warden for instance had their entire body flash, because we were afraid it wouldn’t be visible enough on the sword only for the Top Light opener. However, the full body flash was often mistaken for the Uninterruptible Stance visual effect which is also full body. So we’ve updated the Warden’s feedback to be only on the sword. We did the same for the Kensei’s Dodge.

Valkyrie Moveset

  • Removed Guardbreak Cancel from Shield Tackle Cancel Moveset description. 

Developer comments: we’ve removed the ability to cancel Shield Tackle into Guardbreak in a past update. Unfortunately at the time, we couldn’t update the Valkyrie’s Moveset page. It’s done now. 


  • Updated Guardbreak Tutorial text for more clarity on Counter Guardbreak.

Developer comments: The Guard Break Interrupt tutorial had a hint saying “Interrupt enemy Guard Breaks by pressing [input] when they start”. The “when they start portion” was confusing people. In order to be more accurate, that text will now change to “when the enemy connects”. 


  • [Bug Fix] Counter Guardbreak ability is no longer affected by the Debuff Gear Stat.

Developer comments: Guard Break can be countered if you press Guard Break within 200ms. The way we’ve handled this mechanic so far caused that time window to shrink if you were using Gear with Debuff Duration Stat. It wasn’t intended, so we’ve updated how this works to guarantee the 200ms Guardbreak Interrupt window regardless of Gear. Guard Break cannot be interrupted if done on a target that is in a Recovery, Dodge or Attack.


  • [Bug Fix] Assassins not falling Unbalance when thrown out of stamina is resolved.

Developer comments: Another issue the community picked up on. In some cases, Assassins were able to prevent Unbalance from happening when thrown while out of stamina. It happened because of their specific Guard Switch. When buffered just at the moment they got guard broken, it would bypass the Unbalance. This issue is now resolved.


  • [Bug Fix] Revenge activation no longer interruptible by Emotes.


  • [Bug Fix] Fixed inverted Kensei Emotes “Wipe Blade” and “Arm and Armed”.

Developer comments: "Wipe Blade" & "Arm and Armed" emote videos and descriptions were inverted. This change will not swap emotes for users but rather fix the menu displaying the wrong info.



  • [Bug Fix] Hidden Stance input improvement

Developer comments: There was an issue with the Nobushi’s Hidden Stance input causing the downward angle detection on the right stick not to work consistently with the other Full Block Stances. It’s resolved now, the Hidden Stance input works the same as Full Block Stances.

  • [Bug Fix] Nobushi's bleed can no longer be applied without hitting target

Developer comments: A bug in the Nobushi's bleed mechanic caused the bleed to be reapplied without actually hitting the target if you used a specific timing. 


  • [Bug Fix] Using Shove on an enemy about to fall used to change their fall reaction
  • (enemy would land on their feet instead of falling on their back).


  • [Bug Fix] Blocking External Attacks while in Full Block Stance now costs stamina


  • Heavy Finishers hit areas updated

Developer comments: This addresses the “phantom hit” issue. We’re changing the data of the Heavy Finishers hit areas so that the animation and hit area look more in sync. However, the issue at stake here is more complex. Fixing the hit areas will help with the issue, but we have a more robust fix coming for this in the future that has to do with our targeting rules. Stay tuned for more details in the future.



  • Health regeneration only works from Idle
  • Health regeneration set to 12HP per tick (from 10HP)

Developer comments: Regenerate could be exploited by fighting enemies Out of Guard Mode. The Warlord could just release lock, take hits, and the Feat would regenerate his HP without much of a challenge. This is not a behavior we want to encourage. By enabling the HP regeneration only in Idle, Regenerate now is efficient in safe scenarios only, which is more aligned with its intended purpose. We’re also increasing its regeneration rate in order to compensate for the loss of regeneration on hits.

Shield Basher

  • [Bug Fix] Shield Basher functionality will no longer be partially deactivated on death.



  • Boosts are no longer available for pick-up at round start, they now appear 20 seconds after each round starts.
  • The time to pick up a Boost has been increased from 1 second to 2 seconds.


  • The following changes have been made to help shorten the average match length:
  • The Hero Kill reward has been increased from 27 to 35 points
  • The Streak kill bonus awarded per subsequent kill is now 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 points instead of 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25.
  • The “Savior” reward (assisting a friendly in a duel) has been increased from 10 to 15 points
  • Introduced the “Avenger” renown bonus that rewards 15 points (Killing an enemy who has recently killed a team mate within a 10 second timeframe)
  • Changed the “Honor” bonus of 1 vs 1/2/ 3/4 to 15, 20, 25 and 30 points from 10, 15, 20, and 25 points
  • Base respawn time has been reduced from 12 to 10 seconds

Custom Match 

  • The Hero Single pick option has been added to custom matches, accessed on the rules page.



  • Attack and Defense stats no longer apply when in Revenge mode. Only the Revenge Attack and Revenge Defense stats apply when in Revenge.
  • Debuff Resistance will no longer reduce the Guardbreak Counter window of opportunity.
  • Revenge gain by Defense is now applied only when you block or parry a hit.
  • Revenge gain by Injury is now only applied when you get revenge from taking damage.


  • Revenge mode Defense (found on Weapon slot 2, usually hilt)
  • maximum bonus decreased from 48.2% down to 32.1%
  • maximum penalty decreased from -16.1% to -10.6%

Revenge gain by Defense (found on Weapon slot 2, usually hilt)

  • maximum bonus decreased from 36.2% down to 24.1%
  • maximum penalty decreased from -12.1% to -8.0%

Revenge mode attack (found on Weapon part 3, usually guard)

  • maximum bonus decreased from 48.2% down to 24.1%
  • maximum penalty decreased from -16.1% to -8.0%

Revenge mode duration (found on Helm part)

  • maximum bonus decreased from 54.0% down to 25.0%%
  • maximum penalty decreased from -18.0% to -8.3%

Sprint Speed (found on Chest part)

  • The maximum bonus decreased from 18% down to 9%
  • The maximum penalty decreased from -6.0% to -3.0%


  • All Daily Orders and Contract Orders can now be done in PvP and PvAI without distinction.
  • Added Daily Orders that can be done regardless of the game mode you play. 


  • Team icons disappear from the chat window once the chat has timed out.
  • Players will no longer be paired on the same team when paying in 1v1 Duel after re-inviting a player who has quit



  • FIXED: Some players with newer Mobile Graphics Cards are unable to switch the game to exclusive full screen mode
  • FIXED: Game sometimes gets stuck for 15-20 seconds on the “Exit to World map” pop-up after completing a match
  • FIXED: Game freeze on the World Map for some players
  • FIXED: Game gets stuck on processing message after confirming outfit purchase pop up when social page is in the background
  • FIXED: Uplay achievement title and description are inversed for "Complete the Samurai Chapter"
  • FIXED: Payment window does not disappear when closing the Uplay overlay with the mouse


  • FIXED: Scrolling in the Moveset screen affecting both lists at the same time (Hero Specific & Moves)
  • FIXED: Players are unable to apply background or Symbols for a second time after opening and closing the Uplay overlay
  • FIXED: Game gets stuck on processing/need more steel screen on confirming the feat purchase pop up while hero preview is in background
  • FIXED: In-game error messages not supporting 21:9 resolution
  • FIXED: Selection area of Feats in story mission loadout is too big
  • FIXED: Multiple broken mapped icons
  • FIXED: Keyboard layout screen is missing when a steam controller is connected
  • FIXED: Placeholder button prompt are displayed after disconnecting and reconnecting a steam controller
  • FIXED: Item thumbnail doesn't get refreshed properly if the player clicks an item while dismantling another in the scavenge reward screen
  • FIXED: Mouse click for the client does not work on the warning pop-up, after the host leaves any PvAI session
  • FIXED: "Scroll Up" and "Scroll Down" buttons on Credits page are not clickable
  • FIXED: Tips on Controls page contain old button prompts when a player makes changes in Key mappings and then performs Reset to Default
  • FIXED: Mouse wheel scrolling through parameters of Custom Match on Map Overview is not functional
  • FIXED: Input is not disabled if game is minimized or an overlay (UPlay, Steam) is visible


  • FIXED: Nobushi hidden stance having a smaller input cone than other "down" stances
  • FIXED: Nobushi hidden stance is not working with Steam Controller native controls
  • FIXED: Steam Controller not switching to menu binding when opening the Menu while in Guard mode
  • FIXED: in-game menu is not invoked when a PS4 controller is disconnected 


  • “ALL Chat” is now the default scope for text chat in the Duel Game mode
  • FIXED: Players are unable to use text chat in the lobby on re-match 


  • FIXED: Windows key is now working in borderless and exclusive fullscreen when in the menus
  • FIXED: Win+Shift+Arrow key behavior in borderless and fullscreen:
    • It was possible to move the window outside the viewable space
    • It was not following the microsoft standard "wraparound" o It was not working with Arrow UP/DOWN
  • FIXED: When minimizing after using the shortcut, the game went to the wrong monitor

A life-long and avid gamer, William D'Angelo was first introduced to VGChartz in 2007. After years of supporting the site, he was brought on in 2010 as a junior analyst, working his way up to lead analyst in 2012. He has expanded his involvement in the gaming community by producing content on his own YouTube channel and Twitch channel dedicated to gaming Let's Plays and tutorials. You can contact the author at or on Twitter @TrunksWD.

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