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Best Game Nobody Played of 2016

Best Game Nobody Played of 2016 - Article

by Dan Carreras , posted on 11 January 2017 / 12,358 Views

Many great games release each year which, sadly, are simply overlooked and don't generate the kind of sales they really deserve. From accomplished sequels to long-running franchises, to brand new IPs that struggled to build up mindshare, this award attempts to give some additional exposure to some of the year's most forgotten titles. neglected

The Shortlist:




Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma



Paper Mario: Color Splash



Song of the Deep






The Winner:

Paper Mario: Color Splash


Maybe it’s simply down to the fact that the WiiU is now approaching the end of its lifespan, especially now that the Nintendo Switch is on the horizon, or perhaps Nintendo didn't market the game to its full potential. Whatever the reason for its modest sales, Paper Mario: Color Splash is a charming and enjoyable game that deserved more than the sub 500,000 sales it's managed to chalk up thus far. Fortunately Color Splash is showing some solid legs through the holiday period, so there's hope for it yet, but it's still a far cry from Super Paper Mario's almost 4 million units sold, or even Sticker Star's 2 million+.

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Rafie (on 11 January 2017)

I would have said Zero Time Dilemma. That game NEVER gets talked about in recent conversations. Mario Color Splash does to an extent. It's still a Nintendo title in the realm of the Paper Mario series. ZTD needs more exposure, although Zero Escape Plan Nonary Game is by far the best in the series.

Rogerioandrade (on 11 January 2017)

Still... Color Splash sould hundreds of thousands. I think the better choice here would be Zero Time Dillemma. Nobody talks about that game

Nautilus (on 11 January 2017)

Zero Time Dillema should have taken the spot.Sure, its not as good as the first two entries, but it is still a superb entry.

Zenos (on 11 January 2017)

Yep, I haven't played any of those for various reasons.

Walbert (on 11 January 2017)

Well i played 4 of them.

Goodnightmoon (on 11 January 2017)

Yes! Color Splash is a fantastic and really fun game, such a pity is so massively underrated because of internet irrational negativity and its stupid hate bandwagons, this game suffered the sins of its predecessor despite improving everything about it, really unfair, but for those who gave it a chance was a blast and a very nice goodbye to WiiU until Zelda gives it death.

Ka-pi96 (on 11 January 2017)

Battleborn was pretty fun actually, too bad nobody wanted to play it. Also too bad it couldn`t win this award :(