X360A to Design GRID 2's Achievement/Trophy List

X360A to Design GRID 2's Achievement/Trophy List - News

by Craig Snow, posted on 25 November 2012 / 1,583 Views

Could I be any more excited for GRID 2? Well... yes, I could... technically, but you've gotta exaggerate these things for effect sometimes. Besides, I'm terrified it won't actually live up to my expectations. But I digress. The sequel to what I consider to be the best racing game of the generation - Race Driver: GRID - is set to release early next year. In a world first, the developers (Codemasters) won't actually be creating the achievements/trophies themselves.

Instead, they're going to allow xbox360achievements.org/ps3trophies.org to design the list for them. As a self-confessed 'achievement whore' and a GRID fan this is all music to my ears. Who better to design a stellar achievement/trophy list than the site that's not only named after the entire concept but which also includes an achievement/trophy component in their scoring system for games reviews? No one, that's who.

Not only that but they're going to document the entire process - in the form of features and vid blogs - giving us a behind-the-scenes look at the process of achievement/trophy design and implementation.

If your eyes glazed over reading all that then I hereby offer my apologies, but for fellow achievement/trophy hunters out there this should be a pretty interesting experiment.

Source: [X360A]

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