Most Anticipated Game of 2013

Most Anticipated Game of 2013 - Article

by Gordon Bryant, posted on 28 December 2012 / 11,539 Views

One of the grandest things about any form of entertainment is anxiously awaiting something you've been looking forward to. Previous years' Most Anticipated Awards have been dominated by games like Final Fantasy vsXIII and The Last Guardian, but there comes a time when you've been waiting too long and the anticipation wanes, the titles descending into what the industry calls vaporware. Despite some games fading into obscurity over the horizon, that doesn't mean there aren't still a wealth of quality titles looking forward to, including a new take on a beloved franchise, the most ambitious title in one of the most popular and influential franchises of all time, a post apocalyptic zombie survival horror by perennial Game of the Year winners, and a wonderfully presented anime-inspired gem. Only one can win our Most Anticipated Award, but they all have the opportunity to impress us in the long run.

Here are the Nominees: 

Bioshock Infinite


Grand Theft Auto V


The Last of Us


Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch


And The Winner Is...




The Last of Us


Naturally, any game on the horizon, regardless of apparent quality, needs to be met with cautious optimism. The Last of Us was an enigma until this year's E3; before then we'd only seen what we thought were pre-rendered cut-scenes and highly scripted combat sequences. Much to our delight, those assumptions were proven wrong and the live E3 demonstration we were invited to proved that not only was this game as beautiful as we hoped it would be, but that the scripted scenes were not as scripted as we thought.

What we've seen of The Last of Us grants us a much deeper understanding of what developer Naughty Dog is capable of when it comes to cinematic gameplay, and that is something truly grand to behold. There's always a chance that it could disappoint, but as of right now, The Last of Us is easily the most anticipated game on our radar.   

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