Best PlayStation 3 Game of 2012

Best PlayStation 3 Game of 2012 - Article

by Jake Weston, posted on 31 December 2012 / 5,545 Views

Though we didn't get quite the huge amount of PS3 exclusives that we've had in previous years, 2012 still proved to be a stellar year for Sony's console, thanks mostly to a knock-out set of multiplatform titles and a handful of fantastic downloadable games. These are not only the best PlayStation 3 games of the year, but some of the best this year had to offer in gaming, period. 


Here are the Nominees:





Mass Effect 3


The Walking Dead

Walking Dead 5 -1

And the Winner is...


Journey 2
Xbox 360 and PC owners should definitely play the other nominees listed above, but Thatgamecompany's PlayStation 3-exclusive Journey is far and beyond the best that the PlayStation 3 has to offer this year. Through its fantastic art design, Grammy-nominated soundtrack, and innovative use of multiplayer, Journey provides something that we've never seen in gaming before.

As a standalone experience, Journey is moving in its own right. But it truly shines when played online with a partner - an anonymous player who partakes in your journey with you. Much like life itself, your experience with Journey is defined by the people you meet along the way. 

Critics looking for proof of games as art? This is it. Here is your definitive proof. Journey validates the argument that we have been making for years. Gaming has never seen a game like Journey before, and it's possible we may not again for a long time. 

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