PeekYou Ranks Indie Developers Based on Web Importance

PeekYou Ranks Indie Developers Based on Web Importance - News

by Karl Koebke, posted on 13 February 2013 / 1,279 Views

Indie development is great and all, but how can I know which Indie developers are the best?  Sure I could put them all into a coliseum and force them to fight to the death for my pleasure but that seems a bit morbid.  

Thankfully has come up with the next best thing: a list of indie developers ranked based on their importance on the internet.  Web importance for this list is based off of metrics like the developer's level of participation in social networking sites, amount of web content they create, and how often they're mentioned in news stories.  

Notable members of the list include Jenova Chen (Journey), Mark Hadley (Slender), and Justin Ma (FTL), but there are some surprises as well with games I hadn't previously heard of like The Sea Will Claim Everything and Dys4ia.  How meaningful this metric for internet importance is is up for debate and it seems odd that the scores are all so close to each other and only make up a range of 7.16 to 6.95.  That said, these type of lists are always interesting enough to be worth a look.



PictureNameNotable GamePeekScore

Derek Yu Spelunky HD 7.16 / 10.00

Jenova Chen Journey 7.10 / 10.00

Jim Crawford Frog Factions 7.09 / 10.00

Justin Ma FTL 7.08 / 10.00

Vince Twelve Resonance 7.07 / 10.00

Jonas Kyratzes The Sea Will Claim Everything 7.06 / 10.00

Anna Anthropy Dys4ia 7.05 / 10.00

Brian Provinciano Retro City Rampage 7.04 / 10.00

Mark J. Hadley Slender: The Eight Pages 7.04 / 10.00

Jamie Cheng Mark of the Ninja 7.03 / 10.00

Dean Dodrill Dust: An Elysian Tail 7.02 / 10.00

Jonatan Söderström Hotline Miami 7.00 / 10.00

Dennis Wedin Hotline Miami 7.00 / 10.00

Matthew Davis FTL 6.95 / 10.00


Source: [PeekYou]

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