Rumour: Bravely Default Coming to the West

Rumour: Bravely Default Coming to the West - News

by Brent Galietti, posted on 05 April 2013 / 2,258 Views

Square Enix's upcoming RPG Bravely Default: Flying Fairy has been tantalizing many of us on staff. RPG fans outside of Japan have been hoping that the game would make it out of the Japanese archipelago. While there is no official statement from Square Enix, Japanese-game focused website Siliconera is reporting that "trusted sources" have informed them that Bravely Default will be getting an international release.

If true, this means that the constant handwringing from JRPG fans can finally cease, as Square's charming, oddly named RPG will find its way into international 3DSes.

If this is your first time hearing of Bravely Default, get acquainted with the game by watching this trailer.

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