Dragon City Guide - Dragons, Eggs and Breeding

Dragon City Guide - Dragons, Eggs and Breeding - Article

by Brett Walton, posted on 27 May 2013 / 9,166 Views

Dragon City is a simulation game that is developed by Social Point, available on Facebook and iOS. It was first released on Facebook on May 20, 2012, with the iOS version following in early 2013.

The objective of the game is to breed and raise dragons, from eggs to fully grown, with an added bonus of being able to do battle with other people's dragons. You can even build habitats for the dragons, decorating them with objects.

Since the object of the game is to collect, increase the population and have a unique city full of dragons, the best way to do so is by breeding dragons. When you breed dragons, they lay eggs that hatch into baby dragons. The attributes of the hatchlings depend on the characteristics of the mating dragons. We have partnered with Gamewise to bring you a comprehensive breeding guide for all available dragons in the game:

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