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Get to Know Lords of the Fallen - Article

by Alex St-Amour, posted on 13 June 2013 / 1,583 Views

My very first stop on my E3 2013 tour was to City Interactive's meeting room where I was greeted with a next-gen RPG titled Lords of the Fallen, an ambitious action RPG that looks to take the next-generation by storm. I was fortunate enough to be present while the developers showed off their fancy new game.

The first step is selecting your class, you can choose between a warrior, a cleric and a rogue each with their own unique gameplay styles. For this demo the devloper chose Cleric but also informed us that you are not bound to your class (more on that later). The world that was then presented was a gorgeous medieval castle and battleground running very smoothly on next-generation hardware. The game's sound design was also very impressive with very loud and booming sound effects that actually sounded like they were echoing off the in-game walls.

City In2

The game's primary focus is evidently combat, with a heavy dose of strategy used to determine the when and how of battles. For example, with the cleric and his massive war hammer you have to time your attacks perfectly to even hope of landing a hit, while with the rogue you will have quicker strikes at your disposal. The game will also let you switch classes on the fly without much interruption to the flow of the game.

Armor will also play an important role in the game's progress as you will find pieces of equipment in chests and through specific actions. The catch is these armor pieces are not only specific to your class but all the classes, so if you find a cool dagger you'd like to use you may consider switching over to rogue for a bit to try it out. Each class also has their own special move based on action points. Once you have enough you can unleash your special move to turn the tide of combat.

City In

All in all I was very impressed with City Interactive's Lords Of The Fallen. It shows great promise as a next-generation RPG and I can't wait to hear more about it into 2014. Lords Of The Fallen will be releasing for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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