The Walking Dead: 400 Days Coming Tomorrow

The Walking Dead: 400 Days Coming Tomorrow - News

by Jake Weston, posted on 01 July 2013 / 1,869 Views

Telltale Games tends to surprise their fans by announcing their games' release dates sometimes just days before the actual launch, and their follow-up to their excellent The Walking Dead adaptation is no exception -- The Walking Dead: 400 Days is coming tomorrow, July 2nd for PlayStation Network in North America, with a rolling launch for other platforms to continue this week and next week. 

Here's the full release date time-table below: 

  • July 2nd, PlayStation Network (NA)
  • July 3rd, PC/Mac (Steam and Telltale Games' online store)
  • July 5th, Xbox Live (Worldwide)
  • July 10th, PlayStation Network (EU)
  • July 11th, iOS (Worldwide)

The Walking Dead: 400 Days is set to be the "transitional episode" between last year's Season 1 and Season 2, set to release later this year. The Walking Dead had by far my favorite story in gaming of 2012 (and perhaps of all time), and I'm ecstatic to see it continue.

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