Steam's VGX Nominee Sale Launches

Steam's VGX Nominee Sale Launches - News

by Jared Katz, posted on 07 December 2013 / 1,439 Views

After deciding 4 days of rest is enough, Lord Gaben has given us another sale, but be quick since this sale will only last another few hours. This time around Steam has started its VGX Nominee Sale. For those wondering, VGX is the renamed Video Game Awards featured on Spike TV. These deals include any game/DLC that was nominated for an award at the VGX that is on Steam.

Steamvgx  1

This sale includes: BioShock Infinite 9.99$ (75% off), Tomb Raider 9.99$ (80% off), Call of Duty Ghosts 49.79$ (17% off), Metro: Last Light 13.59$ (66% off), The Stanley Parable 8.99$ (40% off), F1 2013 24.99 (50% off), Rayman Legends 19.99$ (50% off), Dishonored: The Knife of Dunwall 4.99$ (50% off), Grid 2 12.49 (75% off), Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons 7.49$ (50% off), Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon 5.09$ (66% off) and more. You can find all of these, and the rest of the games, on the sale page here.

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