Terraria on Vita Gets Release Date & Cross-Play

Terraria on Vita Gets Release Date & Cross-Play - News

by Gordon Bryant, posted on 07 December 2013 / 3,105 Views

Good news, Terraria fans, 505 Games has announced the official release date for Terraria on the PlayStation Vita, as well as some details concerning PlayStation Network cross-play features. The PlayStation Vita release dates are as follows:

Europe – December 11th 2013
North America – December 17th 2013

Terraria is coming on Vita!

In addition to Terraria being released on the Vita in the coming days, the PlayStation 3 version also gets a title update that unlocks cross system play between the PS3 and PlayStation Vita versions. No word on whether the title supports cross-buy, like many other indie games released on the PlayStation Network, and no price has been confirmed, though a $14.99 price point is likely.

I, for one, can't wait to play Terraria on the go. The portable nature of the PSVita would make for perfect short-burst sessions that will result in quick home modifications, a simple dungeon crawl, or a single boss fight. Now I'm just waiting for Minecraft on the Vita, and the system will be chock full of all my creative outlet needs.

Source: [Terraria Online via PSN Stores]


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