Best Shooter of 2013

Best Shooter of 2013 - Article

by Nick Pantazis, posted on 31 December 2013 / 4,664 Views

It's perhaps the most successful genre in the history of gaming, and it continues strong today. To us, shooters encompass more than first person shooting. We include third person and arcade shooters as well, and with that the genre continues to feature enormous variety of gameplay and style. This year was another strong year for the genre. So without further ado... 


Here are the Nominees:

Metro: Last Light

Shooter OTY  4

BioShock Infinite

Shooter OTY  3


Shooter OTY  1

Killzone: Mercenary

Shooter OTY  5

And the Winner is...


Shooter OTY  2
With a genre almost as old as video games themselves, one would think arcade shooters have played out their tricks by now. Resogun proves otherwise. Resogun owes a lot to the history of its genre, and in many ways functions as an update to the 1980 classic Defender. Simplicity is king here, and Housemarque understands the balance between depth of gameplay and complexity of gameplay. 

While we played many shooters this year, the only one I'm likely to still be playing this time next year is Resogun. This is a game built to last, and built to be replayed. Memorizing patterns and skills, upping the difficulty, experimenting with new ships, and shooting for high scores will keep Resogun a pillar of the PS4 for years to come, much as Super Stardust HD was for the PS3 before it. Adding with it the gorgeous voxel visuals that handily show the power of the PS4, and Resogun is a truly unique and impressive experience, and our shooter of the year for 2013. 

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