Best Puzzle Game of 2013

Best Puzzle Game of 2013 - Article

by Nick Pantazis, posted on 02 January 2014 / 3,160 Views

Puzzle games tend to attract incredible devotion from those who like to push their brains and loathing from those who don't like to think while they play games. Few would argue the point, however, that puzzle games also tend to offer some of the most original and innovative gameplay. They also tend to attract some of the best indie developer talent. This year's crop of puzzle games are great examples of both of these, with clever original concepts from excellent indie developers.




The Nominees Are:

The Swapper

Puzzle OTY  4


Puzzle OTY  2

Peggle 2

Puzzle OTY  5

Papers, Please

Puzzle OTY  6 

And the Winner is...

Papers, Please

Puzzle OTY  3

It was a heated competition this year, but Papers, Please won us over. Papers, Please is a satirical puzzle adventure by independent developer Lucas Pope. Centered in the fictional communist country of Arstotzka, Papers toys heavily with the themes of police states, terrorism, and morality versus duty. Luckily it's so comically evil that despite the political undertones, it never takes itself too seriously. If you're looking for something you definitely haven't played before, you can't go wrong with Papers, Please, our favorite puzzle game of 2013. 

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