Sega Splits Index into Two Separate Companies: Atlus and Index

Sega Splits Index into Two Separate Companies: Atlus and Index - News

by Brent Galietti, posted on 18 February 2014 / 2,564 Views

Sega Sammy Holdings has announced that Index Corporation, which they officially purchased last September, will be split into two different companies named Atlus and Index on April 1st (the start of Sega Sammy's financial year), Gematsu translates. In addition, Index Corporation's overseas branch, Index Digital Media Inc, will be renamed Atlus USA Inc.

Split apart but together forever!

Sega Sammy notes that the purpose of this restructuring is to "maximize the creation of synergies within Sega Sammy and within each industry of the Sega Group". Sega is looking to increase new business development and growth as a company.

Current Sega managing director and Index company director Yukino Sugino will be Atlus's new representative, while current Index representative director and executive vice president Yasuhiko Hamada will be Index's new representative.

Atlus will do business in game planning, development, and related industries. They employ 121 people. Index Corporation will do business in content and solutions (distribution, systems development, internet advertisements, and such). They employ 166 people.

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