Xbox One Beta Firmware Update is Live

Xbox One Beta Firmware Update is Live - News

by Patrick Day-Childs, posted on 26 February 2014 / 2,045 Views

If you're in the beta for the latest Xbox One firmware update then you'll soon have the update rolled out onto your Xbox. The update will enhance older features, and add new ones.

Here's a list via Reddit user da13thninja:

  1. You can update controller through USB.
  2. You now have an option under Kinect that says "Turn hand cursor off while watching video".
  3. Tutorials about gestures and voice commands are in the settings menu.
  4. A "show all other notifications” option under Notifications (hopefully this means we will be able to see if friends come online).
  5. Everything just seems faster.
  6. Optical and HDMI audio settings have an option for “BITSTREAM OUT".
  7. Friends APP is much improved. Can see online friends first, recent players and a favorites option. Pretty much everything you saw in that video on Xbox's YouTube Channel. Loads a lot faster too.
  8. I tried saying “XBOX, BROADCAST” for shits and giggles and it opened TWITCH! don’t think I can broadcast anything though. Yet!

We've long needed some improvements, particularly to the friend's app, so this should be a welcome update for Xbox One owners.

Source: [Gearnuke]

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