Twitch Beats Pokemon Blue/Red, Restarts With Crystal

Twitch Beats Pokemon Blue/Red, Restarts With Crystal - News

by Adrian Andrews, posted on 02 March 2014 / 3,222 Views

After 16 days, over 1.1 million players, and more than 122 million commands, Twitch Plays Pokemon managed to defeat Blue and as such finish Pokemon Red as well. Twitch Plays Pokemon, a stream where the protagonist is controlled entirely by inputting button commands (such as "Up", "A", etc.) into Twitch Chat, has now started Pokemon Crystal

The stream has been a major success, with over 37 million views on the page so far. Naturally, the popularity of the stream made it a target for internet trolls, who tried to release all Pokemon as well as only enter certain commands, which slowed progress. Fortunately, the stream managed to battle through this, and will be hoping to avoid the same problems with Pokemon Crystal.

It's definitely been an interesting journey, and although it's been frustrating at times, it was a truly impressive achievement from all involved.  Although Crystal has just started, I'm not yet sure if it will be quite as successful or as intriguing as the original, but it will be interesting to see.

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