New PlayStation 4 Exclusive Announced -

New PlayStation 4 Exclusive Announced - "Without Memory" - News

by Patrick Day-Childs, posted on 30 April 2014 / 2,561 Views

Russian developer Dinosaurum Games has announced an exclusive PlayStation 4 game called Without Memory.

Without Memory is still in the concept stages of development but Dinosaurum Games is hoping to create a third person "Interactive Thriller" that is semi-open world. Players will follow the story of a young girl who wakes up in a forest with no memories, and player choices will change the game's direction.

Dinosaurum Games' founder, Arkady Kulikov, says that the game is inspired by Beyond: Two Souls, but they hope to surpass that title thanks to the player's ability to change the game's outcome.

Without Memory's official site will launch on May 24.

Source: [DualShockers]

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