Sony E3 2014 Conference Summary

Sony E3 2014 Conference Summary - Article

by Karl Koebke, posted on 09 June 2014 / 9,607 Views

Microsoft kicked off this year's E3 earlier, with a conference that received the usual gamut of feedback varying from poor-to-good (a summary of their Media Briefing can be found here). Now the ball's in Sony's court - do they have what it takes to 'win' E3 this year? Will we see some cool new IPs and exclusive announcements? And will they remember the PS Vita? We'll find out shortly.


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Sony's conference begins at 6pm PDT/9pm EDT/2am UK/3am CET/11am AEST.

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 Sony E3 2014 Media Briefing Summary (Liveblog)

- Sony's conference begins at 6pm PDT.

- Looks like we're starting, almost on time too.  Nice to see, Sony.

- Destiny Trailer showing off the world that Bungie has put together.  Definitely sounds interesting, and I always love the idea of a dark age coming after humans learn to travel the stars.  

- PlayStation Gamers get into the beta on July 17th.  

- White PS4 bundled with Destiny and a 30 day voucher for PS+ announced for September 9th along with Destiny's launch.

- The Order: 1886 trailer focusing on a fight with a single monster.  Gives an idea that the final game might be able to lend itself to a creepier atmosphere than initially expected.

- Trailer for Entwined.  It's the game made by Pixel Opus, a developer team made from recent graduates.  Dual analog controls with two separate characters, flying across the sky and looking really pretty.  It's available today on PSN for 10 dollars.  

 - InFamous Second Son DLC.  Doesn't require the original game to run (similar to the DLC for inFamous 2).  Seems to star Fetch from the original title.  

- LittleBigPlanet 3 - MediaMolecule lied to me!  Shows off several new characters with differing qualities from the basic Sackboy.  Characters that can walljump, another that can grow and shrink at will from the largest to the smallest character, and a bird that can fly.  Announced for November.

- All user-created levels from LBP1 and 2 will work in LBP3.

- From Software and Miyazaki's rumored "Project Beast" is namd Bloodborne.  Coming 2015.  No fog gate seen like the previous leak, and the trailer was all CG, so it will have to be seen if this continues the Souls series' legacy of gameplay.

- Ubisoft showing off Far Cry 4.  Some very nice looking footage, kind of unique to hear an elephant in the background of a firefight.  

- When you buy the game on PS3 or PS4 you can invite friends to play with you even if they don't own the game.  

- Dead Island 2 trailer shown.  30 day exclusive beta, and other set of exclusive content on PlayStation.  

- Diablo 3 will be given monsters from The Last of Us with their own unique behaviors and movesets.  

- Disney Infinity 2 will get exclusive Avengers content on PlayStation.

- Partnership announced between Paradox and Sony.  Every Paradox studio is currently working on a PS4 game.  Magicka 2 shown in particular.  

- DoubleFine is remastering Grim Fandango.  Exclusively for PS4 and PSVita.  

- Number of games shown from Devolver Digital.  All coming to PlayStation consoles first (along with PC presumably).

- New Suda51 title shown coming exclusively to PS4.  Looks like a multiplayer Manhunt with lots of creepy deaths shown.  Coming in 2015.

- Some of the creators of Journey are making a game about diving in beautiful 2D oceans called ABZU.

- No Man's Sky coming to PlayStation 4 as a console exclusive.  Every player will start on a different planet.  Looks like the kind of procedurally generated worlds I'd want to get lost in for days.  

- Project Morpheus discussed as a way to increase the value and prospects of the PlayStation Camera.

- YouTube sharing coming to PS4.  

- Several free to play games announced or shown for PS4 and/or PSVita.  

- PlayStation Now announced for US/Ca on PS4 July 31st open beta.  Shortly after it will become available on PS3 and PSVita.  Access to more than 100 PS3 games, such as Dead Space 3, MGSV Ground Zeroes, and Ultra Street Fighter 4.

- PS Vita actually getting some mention in the context of remote play, but no new announcements as of yet.   

- PlayStation TV announced for NA and EU this Fall.  Will cost 99 dollars.  139 dollars for a bundle with a controller.  

- Gameplay footage shown for Mortal Kombat X.  

- Ratchet and Clank being remastered for PS4.

- TLoU remaster for PS4 announced for July 29th.

- GTAV coming to PS4 fall 2014 (no mention of exclusivity, so this is probably on Xbox One as well).

- Trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight showing off the batmobile everyone has been wanting to drive around in since the first Arkham game.  Scarecrow nightmare missions exclusive to PlayStation.   

- Uncharted 4: A Thief's End shown, coming 2015.  Just a teaser, but good to see something from Uncharted 4

- And that's it.  Keep watching gamrReview tomorrow for coverage of Nintendo's Direct presentation.

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