Sheik, Ruto and Darunia Announced for Hyrule Warriors

Sheik, Ruto and Darunia Announced for Hyrule Warriors - News

by Jared Katz, posted on 24 July 2014 / 2,288 Views

With only three weeks left before Hyrule Warriors releases in Japan, Koei Tecmo have given us an Ocarina of Time-themed news update. They have announced information on three additional playable characters, three new stages, two new fighting styles for previously announced characters, and a new boss.

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The first newcomer is Zelda’s ninja alter ego, Sheik. She uses both knives and her Goddess Harp to defeat foes. The next is Ruto, who takes on her older form and fights by manipulating water to attack her enemies. And the final newcomer is the leader of the Gorons, Darunia. In the game he’s equipped with a large hammer and also can roll over those in his way.

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We've also learned about three new stages that come out of Ocarina of Time’s Hyrule. These new stages are: Kokori Forrest, which includes the Great Deku Tree; Death Mountain; and Lake Hylia.

Like Zelda and Link who have two distinct play styles, Impa and Lana have been revealed to have more than one as well. Impa’s second style has her using a naginata instead of her sword, and instead of water magic she uses fire. Lana’s new playstyle has her losing her magical book for a deku stick. This exchange gives her the ability to summon various dekus to help defeat enemies.

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The final piece of information gained from this news update is a new enemy boss, Gohma. This particular Gohma is the first boss of Ocarina of Time, found in the Great Deku Tree. For more information or images you can visit the official site for the game.

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