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Homefront: The Revolution Delayed to 2016 - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 12 March 2015 / 2,895 Views

Deep Silver has announced that Homefront: The Revolution will now be released in 2016. The game was originally due out in 2015.

Homefront: The Revolution Delayed to 2016

Deep Silver also announced their latest development studio Deep Silver Dambuster Studios is working on Homefront: The Revolution. The studio was founded in July 2014 and is based in Nottingham, UK. The studio is lead by Hasit Zala and employs 126 people.

Homefront: The Revolution is being developed for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, and Linux.


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FullMetalMerc (on 13 March 2015)

@Chazore Crytek doesnt own the IP, they sold it to Deepsilver due to financial problems.

Kerotan (on 12 March 2015)

Good. These games cannot afford to come out a buggy mess. Get it right then release. I hope these delays become more common or else devs don't announce dates until they know they can hit it.

Chazore (on 12 March 2015)

The first one didn't sell well at all, I can't see this doing great either tbh, especially when the last was a buggy mess and the plot uninteresting. I wish Crytek would just focus on a new FPS or new Crysis exclusive.

SecondWar (on 12 March 2015)

You are aware that Crytek don't own this franchise anymore right?

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