The Last of Us Remastered Tops 1 Million Sold - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 01 September 2014 / 10,439 Views

The Last of Us Remastered launched worldwide on July 29. The game sold more than 600,000 units in its opening week and helped push PlayStation 4 sales by nearly 50 percent to 198,335 units. The game has helped push PlayStation 4 sales passed the 10 million mark.

The Last of Us Remastered has now sold more than one million units, as of the week ending August 23. It is the 10th game on the PlayStation 4 to sell more than one million units and is on track to top two million units sold by the end of the year.


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fluky-nintendy (on 01 September 2014)

This game deserves the sky, but about 11M lifetime is alright too!

bouboumorveu (on 01 September 2014)

PS4 rules 8th generation

bubblegamer (on 01 September 2014)

Congratz you beautiful beast!

lcortes88 (on 01 September 2014)


Yafea (on 01 September 2014)

There will be a sequel to the game. It became Sony's biggest game after gran turismo. It's too hard to resist that 50-50 chance after all these sales. The game deserve it.

Locknuts (on 01 September 2014)

Second PS4 game to deserve it after ACIV IMO.

GdaTyler (on 01 September 2014)

Typo: past* the 10 million mark.

lcortes88 (on 01 September 2014)


daredevil.shark (on 01 September 2014)

We need an open world sequel of this amazing game.

Comments below voting threshold (on 01 September 2014)

weak sauce Mario Kart its been selling twice as much as this game over 2.5 million so far and it didn't just help push WiiU sales but it even helped on Game Stops financial numbers. the Game Stop CEO came out in public and thank Nintendo for that game now thats how you do sales

DialgaMarine (on 02 September 2014)

How about those Wii-U hardware sales? lol

  • +2 (on 01 September 2014)

shitty ass game fatal frame on the WiiU beats it by far.

  • -18
Rafie (on 01 September 2014)

Okay we get it! You don't like it.

  • +7
withdreday (on 03 September 2014)

I think Zelda is looking for you my dear >_<

  • 0