Warner Bros. Interested in Buying Xbox Entertainment Studios - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 15 August 2014 / 7,168 Views

Microsoft is reportedly looking to sell off its Xbox Entertainment Studios, according to Hollywood Reporter. This comes just a month after Xbox boss Phil Spencer announced that Microsoft will be shutting down the studio.

The report has stated that Warner Bros. is in preliminary talks with Microsoft to purchase the studio. The Xbox Entertainment Studios would be merged with Machinima, the video game based YouTube network.

A Warner Bros. spokeswoman stated that the studio is "constantly having preliminary discussions regarding business opportunities with numerous companies at any given time. A conversation is just that — a conversation."

With talks still remaining preliminary a deal might not be reached. However, Xbox Entertainment Studios has several projects that are being worked on and has a team of experienced development executives. A deal might make sense for Warner Bros.


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HylianSwordsman (on 15 August 2014)

Guys, look again. Warner Bros. isn't buying Xbox, just the entertainment studio that was producing tv shows for Xbox.

nanorazor (on 16 August 2014)

Xbox Entertainment Studios is a Movie and TV studio that makes Halo TV series and not really related to gaming part of xbox

DonFerrari (on 15 August 2014)

That would be a great deal and would allow for some series to be kept alive.

spynx (on 18 August 2014)

Sorry, i thought it was the xbox brand and i hope it stays that way.

spynx (on 15 August 2014)

I still prefer M$ handling xbox but at this point, they just want it to go. It has been their headache for years just because they didn't get the right people to handle the division. Warner could kill it completely.

ssjrafiel (on 15 August 2014)

You do know they are talking about Warner Bros buying Xbox Entertainment Studios? O.o I think Warner Bros would do a good job with the Xbox entertainment studio. They have more experience with entertainment then Microsoft does.

  • +3
Imaginedvl (on 15 August 2014)

it is Xbox Ent. Studios... Not the Xbox brand (or division)...

  • +2
FujiokaMidori (on 16 August 2014)

Xbox Entertainment Studios is a show/game developer. Not the XBOX brand ._.

  • 0
nanorazor (on 16 August 2014)

Xbox Entertainment Studios is a Movie and TV studio that makes Halo TV series

  • +2
Chubomik (on 15 August 2014)

Interesting... would that mean Mortal Kombat would be released only on Xbox since it is published by Warner Bros?

Chubomik (on 15 August 2014)

Ok, probably going to regret this

  • -1