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by William D'Angelo , posted on 04 March 2014 / 7,024 Views

Welcome to the VGChartz Gap charts. The charts will be updated monthly and each article will focus on a different gap chart. The charts include comparisons between the 7th generation and 8th generation, as well as comparing the 8th generation consoles. All sales are worldwide, unless otherwise stated.

3DS vs DS – VGChartz Gap Charts – January 2014 Update

3DS Vs. DS Global:

Gap change in latest month: 1,063,380 - 3DS

Gap change over last 12 months: 11,952,474 - DS

Total Lead: 10,620,444 – DS

3DS Total Sales: 42,761,153

DS Total Sales: 53,381,597

In the latest month of sales for 3DS, the gap grew 1,063,380 units in favor of its predecessor the DS.  The DS currently leads by 10,620,444 in the first 36 months. Over the last 12 months the DS has gained 11,952,474 unit lead. The gap is expected to continue to grow in favor of the DS.

An important note is that the two handhelds launched at different times of the year. The DS first launched in November 2004, while the 3DS launched in February 2011. The 3DS has sold 42,761,153 units in the first 36 months, and the DS 53,381,597 units.


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Shadow1980 (on 04 March 2014)

Can we please get a region-by-region breakdown? Pretty please?

S.Peelman (on 04 March 2014)

Yeah after New Super Mario Bros. and the DSlite, it's over for 3DS, sales shot through the sky. Nevertheless, 3DS is doing more than decent, but Nintendo needs to be weary of decline this year...

PikminDude123 (on 04 March 2014)

Not bad.

pezus (on 04 March 2014)

DS will never look back from here. I can see 3DS selling 80-90m LT, taking into account that it seems to have already peaked

TheLegendaryWolf (on 04 March 2014)

It is to be expected, but 3DS is doing great regardless.

hellovgc (on 05 March 2014)

Problem is 3ds is still heavy and clunky. Also, the analog on the 3ds grinds like it slides on sandpaper. So once we get a lighter version of the 3ds xl and a smooth analog stick, then sales will pick up.

Jranation (on 05 March 2014)

Smartphones is definitely the reason. but who knows, Nintendo might bring another hit game to the 3DS (new IP or "bring old to the new"), plus there is a game coming that wasn't on the DS : SUPER SMASH

padib (on 04 March 2014)

Nobody knows what the future holds.

Ganoncrotch (on 04 March 2014)

unless you were like.... prepared to destroy the world like in some huge Apocalypse style nuclear winter which would effect everyone. Then you'd be the only one who knows what the future would hold.... Perhaps you meant for 3ds sales tho, then who knows!

  • 0
Jranation (on 05 March 2014)

yeah! i mean, there was the 3DS doom, who thought that it will turn to this!

  • 0
Michael-5 (on 04 March 2014)

Now it's time for DS to gain another 10-15 million.

drake_tolu (on 04 March 2014)

Only 11 milion of gap... DS sell 154 milion...the 3DS for me will sold more 120 milion.

Legendary_W (on 04 March 2014)

But the gap is bigger than it ever was before, because of the DS skyrocketing given new models (DS Lite, DSi, DS XL) or major titles. The real question is if 3DS will be able to keep up or even shrink the gap other than holiday season.

It'll do great, regardless!

  • +1