FIFA 14 Web App and Ultimate Team - News

by VGChartz Staff , posted on 05 October 2013 / 43,042 Views

Welcome to our FIFA 14 trading guide for FIFA Ultimate Team. FIFA Ultimate team (commonly abbreviated to 'FUT') allows the player to build their own team from real life players, which they can then use to compete in tournaments and divisions over the internet. For each game complete, players earn coins to spend on improving their team.

Players and other items in this mode take the form of cards, which are obtained through buying packs or from buying directly from other players through the auction house. There are three different tiers of cards; bronze, silver and gold, indicating their quality (lowest being non-rare bronze, highest being rare gold). These cards can be obtained in two ways; buying packs or buying directly from other players. Player cards have an overall rating, which is an estimate of their overall in game quality. Players with overall rating of 64 or lower are bronze rated, players between 65 and 74 rated are silver and finally players rated 75 and above are gold. The FIFA Ultimate team web app was released on September 18, 2012.

Check out the full FUT Trading Guide Below:

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