Nintendo: 3DS Outsold the Xbox 360 and PS3 in UK for the Last 3 Months - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 19 July 2013 / 8,654 Views

Nintendo UK's head of consumer marketing James Honeywell has told MCV that the 3DS has been outselling the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in the UK for the last three months. This is the first time in the handhelds history to accomplish this feat.

This achievement is mainly due to strong software released, including Animal Crossing: New Leaf. The 3DS is also the only platform to sell more software this year, then in 2012 during the same time frame. Also eight of the top 40 titles were for the 3DS.

"Software sells hardware," said Honeywell. "You must have heard that from us a lot. And the same can be said for Wii U as we move into peak season. With such a strong line-up of titles that are so critically acclaimed, it is just a perfect storm"

"It has made it the format of the moment. Sometimes 3DS, or handheld in general, suffers because people tend to focus on the home console market. But 3DS is really doing the numbers right now."

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scat398 (on 19 July 2013)

Well this press release is kind of a double edge sword. On one hand you have a great hand held product that is selling well, but your current console is failing in. The sales department and analysts will take note that the wiiu is not being mentioned.

zorg1000 (on 20 July 2013)

He did briefly mention Wii U. Basically saying great games are the reason for high 3DS sales and Wii U has a great upcoming line up so they are expecting sales to increase.

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OneTwoThree (on 21 July 2013)

The downside for customers is: XL price is high, bundles aren't terribly attractive, still no power supply packed in - and there's little reason for Nintendo to change that. 200€ for a handheld with no game and adapter is steep, priciest Nintendo handheld ever.

Ganoncrotch (on 21 July 2013)

yet still selling close to 200k a week. A sign of just how great the system is with people willing the shell out for it. Recently upgraded to an XL myself, it's worth the extra cash, its main screen is just .1 of an inch small than the vitas screen now.

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zippy (on 20 July 2013)

But ...but..Nintendo are doomed arent they???

Nintendogamer (on 19 July 2013)

Kewl :)

DamnTastic (on 19 July 2013)

so nice, you say it twice

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Nintendogamer (on 20 July 2013)

Was an accident.

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Ganoncrotch (on 21 July 2013)

aye Nintendogamer that will happen on here if you make a comment and then hit F5 before you leave this comments area, you get a message which says it's going to resend the data, normally that wouldn't be a bad thing on a site but yeah, here it's gonna do a repeat of the post you just done, so don't mash F5 haha can get spammy and banny!

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ryuzaki57 (on 22 July 2013)

Well elaborated spin because mcv already declared that PS3 was the best selling system in June in the UK and that TLoU flattened ACNL in the same period. Besides, how is a 2-year old system priced 170€ outselling more expensive 7-year old consoles a grand performance? The truth is that before before being boosted by long-awaited new games and gigantic bargains, the 3DS was failing hard in the UK but of course no one wrote articles to reflect that.

Ganoncrotch (on 24 July 2013)

you never seen a single doom thread or article about the 3ds before the launch of Supermario 3d land or Mario Kart 7? Where were you?!

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Ljink96 (on 21 July 2013)

I'm surprised this made any news! I thought Nintendo was supposed to lose and suck. The media just eats up Wii U news but anything 3DS related(usually success stories) is just skimmed over. 3DS has a price cut and more games. Can't we wait for Wii U to do the same? Plus, this is about congratulating Nintendo's handheld success. Do you see a Wii U in that headline. Get lost.

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Sensei (on 19 July 2013)

In other news, apples also outsold oranges in the same period, same region.

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Ganoncrotch (on 19 July 2013)

are you criticizing there being an article comparing sales of gaming hardware on a games sales comparison site?

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errorpwns (on 21 July 2013)

You missed the part where it says this has never happened before. So clearly it's an accomplishment.

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Nintendogamer (on 19 July 2013)

Kewl :)