GAME: MS Dropping DRM for Xbox One Shows 'Commitment to Gamers' - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 20 June 2013 / 5,164 Views

Game boss Martyn Gibbs has told EDGE that Microsoft dropping the Xbox One's DRM and used games restrictions, shows that Microsoft is still committed to gamers. They have listened to the complaints from gamers by changing their policies.

"Microsoft have shown that they truly understand and value their fan base and the gaming community as a whole," said Gibbs. "Microsoft have listened to the feedback of recent weeks and acted on it, putting gamers and the way they wish to access and pay for their gaming at the centre of their plans for the future. I am immensely impressed with both the speed and the scope of the changes – it shows a real commitment to gamers around the globe."

"Last night’s announcement shows that the industry is driven by the community of gamers, a community Microsoft has grown and supported over many years," a spokesperson added. "The community has the power to shape the future and I know that gamers everywhere will welcome Microsoft’s announcement – we’re really excited about the new console and we know the gamers of the UK are too."

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MegaDrive08 (on 20 June 2013)

Make no mistake, they did it because they didn't have a choice, it would be in place if they had it tgere way, don't be surpassed if they screw you over in the future.

Michael-5 (on 20 June 2013)

Surprised, and yea, Microsoft screwed me over too many times with the 360, refusing to fix it while it's under warranty, and not stocking on spare parts for accessory's.

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ItNetPro (on 20 June 2013)

Nintendo and Sony make changes in the business strategy all the time based on their customer feed back. This is nothing new! Nintendo and Sony are driven by the same profits M$ is. If you really think they are not then you live in a dream world. Sony is no more or less dedicated to gamers then Nintendo or Microsoft. The DRM policy was based on a new innovative way to share digital games on the console. Without it the system simply would not work. Not only would have any of your family members been able to play your games from anywhere in the country but you would have had the ability to also give away any of your digital games once. That would even incluse digital downloads. Something no one has done yet. Not to mention, trade-ins were still supported. Because of the DRM technology implemented for the family sharing and 1 time game trade system. They needed to design another technology that removed the license from games you trade back to the game store for it to work where the game simply did not get bought, installed then traded back immediately after while continuing to play.

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Michael-5 (on 20 June 2013)

You mean "Commitment to Profit." The DRM was so disliked, that people were going to leave X-Box for Playstation. If PS4 pre-orders weren't so dominating over the Ones, Microsoft wouldn't have done this.

Kyuu (on 20 June 2013)

LOL whatever makes you sleep at night. The backlash was so massive that Microsoft was pretty much forced to drop it. Great news for gamers nevertheless.

Moonhero (on 20 June 2013)

They would still be screwing people over if the backlash wasn't so great. DO NOT BE FOOLED. Microsoft is NOT in this for any gamers.

Bemeovo (on 22 June 2013)

Martyn Gibbs is either a Microsoft employee or a real stupid idiot. Microsoft didn't drop DRM because they care about us! They did it so it would sell better! Mark my words, once the Xbone's userbase grows, Microsoft will, little by little, add on more DRM content until it has as much as it did on the 21st May 2013!

Multimedialover (on 21 June 2013)

Lol . Look at hose in here like microsoft does not care abour. Only money. News flash sony doesnt give a crapmeither. Just your wallet.

eFKac (on 20 June 2013)

And the fact that they are launching a Xbox only store in London only adds a lot of credibility and objectivity to this statement.

mutantclown (on 26 June 2013)

Commitment to not going out of business...

Wagram (on 24 June 2013)

It shows a commitment to sales, it doesn't show commitment to gamers.

venomb44 (on 23 June 2013)

they changed it because gamestop stoped selling the xbone

ItNetPro (on 20 June 2013)

I love how you are all acting like Microsoft is some evil company that is driven by profits. Today my Xbox Live went down and I decided to pick up a Wii U. I spent an hour updating the thing and was excited to start D/Ling demos to try some games out. Half the games did not have demos, some were badged free that still required you to buy content to play (Some Pinball Game) then the demos for the pinball lasted one stinking round. Most of the demos were severely limited with the exception of Monster hunter. That you could play 30 times before it stopped working!!! MS Demos are far more generous . Don't even get me started on the Sony PS4. I sold mine shortly after the huge outage! If you guys really believe Sony loves you your all NUTS. Sony is driven just as much as M$ by profit. They told all you suckers everything you wanted to hear and played their cards brilliantly by waiting to see what M$ would do and act accordingly. M$ on the other hand has always been honest about what their intentions were rather then take the elusive approach Sony did with answers to their questions. I was really looking forward to the 10 person family list my relatives could have downloaded my games from and played from anywhere around the country. Even if only one of us could have played at any given time. This would have encouraged them to play more. Instead M$ was too honest and dropped the ball by not explaining why the DRM policy was in place. Just that it was there. Unfortunately it appears this cycle M$ is the only one of three truly innovating but for some reason they are too stupid to get the word out. Someone over there should be fired if you ask me. My pre-order is on an Xbox One and when I'm bored I'm sure I will drop another $400+ to grab a PS4 eventually so I can play some of their exclusives.

sniper989 (on 23 June 2013)

Sold your PS4 already?

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sniper989 (on 23 June 2013)

Sold your PS4 already?

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