E3 2013: Sony Unveils What the PlayStation 4 Looks Like - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 10 June 2013 / 3,674 Views

Sony at their E3 Press Conference has shown the world what their next generation home console, the PlayStation 4, looks like. Check it out below and let us know what you think.

PlayStation 4

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yo_john117 (on 10 June 2013)

I think that looks fantastic.

halil23 (on 10 June 2013)

Seeing a lot of xBone fanboys here. What's going on, panic mode?

Nadwki (on 10 June 2013)

PS4 looks Epic.

SonyHeavyMetal92 (on 10 June 2013)

It looks so beautiful... i want it now!!! it will make my living room complete <3

Simulacrum (on 11 June 2013)

I really don't like this.My good old fat ps3 is way sexier.

Alby_da_Wolf (on 11 June 2013)

Something between PS2 and high-end workstation. Nice.

late_release (on 11 June 2013)

my god, so pretty!!!!! im in luv once again

GameAnalyser (on 11 June 2013)

my dreamz are true...PS4 is here to rule!

jamesmarkus87 (on 11 June 2013)

Ugly, just like the X-One.

late_release (on 11 June 2013)

my god, so pretty!!!!! im in luv once again

Dmick90 (on 10 June 2013)

It looks just like the Xbox One with the glossy and matte two-tone exterior. Are they really still doing the vertical thing? That was like cool during the PS2 days...

Jozu (on 10 June 2013)

It looks terrible.

dane007 (on 10 June 2013)

Xboxone much. Guess sony did it again and stole the design of the xbxoone and tweaked it to claim it their own design.

richardhutnik (on 10 June 2013)

Difference between this and the One looks like the ratio of grey on the system and where the system is divided.

happydolphin (on 10 June 2013)

Honestly who cares, but it's okay could look better. Blue and black is good, reminiscent of the PS2 days, but it looks a bit fat.

scat398 (on 10 June 2013)

I like it. But it will look better horizontal like the xone. Glad to see both consoles getting back to the basic black design.

Vertigo-X (on 10 June 2013)

Call me crazy... But I think both systems look great. :D

ironmanDX (on 10 June 2013)

Looks ok but I want to see more photos before I judge.