Indie Title Frozen Synapse Sales Top 450,000 Units - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 15 May 2013 / 2,243 Views

Paul Taylor, Mode 7's co-founder, has told MCVUK that its title Frozen Synapse has managed to sell 450,000 units to date. The game is available for the PC, MAC and Linux. 230,000 of the units sold came from the Humble Indie Bundle in 2011.

"About 230,000 were from the Humble Bundle and the rest are from Steam, direct sales and other distributors," Taylor said. "Everything not in the humble bundle had a free key, and about 50% of people use their free key."

Frozen Synapse is coming out on the iPad on May 16 and will be coming out for the Android in the future. The Android version is being handled by an external studio and currently does not have a release date. The iPad version will feature crossplay across many tablets.

"We don't feel like [the iPad version] is a massive gamble: it's certainly not in percentage terms from Frozen Synapse's revenue overall," said Taylor. "There has been a lot of vocal demand for this version from our community, so even if it sells only within that it should have been worthwhile."

"The major downside of this is that any release takes a huge amount of time in terms of getting everything right / QA etc," Taylor continued. "I don't think we underestimated this though: I went into it with the full knowledge that it would be hard and take a lot of time. We [recently] finished a release candidate and I'm extremely proud of the work the team has done - they have pulled out all the stops and their effort in the final push has been commendable."

Mode 7 is also working on a successor to the title called Frozen Endzone, which is due out in 2014. It was just approved by the Steam Greenlight.

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