EA Co-Founder Forms New Studio, First Title to be on Kickstarter - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 06 March 2013 / 2,497 Views

Electronic Arts co-founder Joe Ybarra has opened up a new studio called Joe Got Game. Ybarra also announced that the studios first title will be a turn-based strategy game called Shackleton Crater. The game is expected to be released in spring 2014 for the PC and tablets. The is expected to be featured on Kickstarter soon.

"Over the years, I had the opportunity to work with major publishers and a host of really talented people, and, in doing so, I evolved my own processes for crafting and distributing games," said Ybarra in a press release.

"I felt the need at this point in my career to leverage all that I’ve learned, and build a new studio from the ground up with a new kind of focus on the gamer experience, and to make that one of excitement, wonder and social relevance," he continued.

Ybarra has worked in the gaming business for over 40 years and has been an executive at Electronic Arts, Activision and Ubisoft,. He has also been the co-founder and president of four start up companies.

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piete (on 07 March 2013)

The producer of M.U.L.E.

Ganoncrotch (on 07 March 2013)

EA needing a kickstarter funded game, yeah because they have no money.

Maris (on 07 March 2013)

Hey cut them some slack, they've had a really tough time launching SimCity.. :(

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DonFerrari (on 07 March 2013)

He is funding another studio, probably unrelated to E.A.

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