Jetpack Joyride Downloaded 475,000 Times on PlayStation Vita - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 15 February 2013 / 8,174 Views

Halfbrick has announced that the free-to-play game Jetpack Joyride has been downloaded 475,000 times on the PlayStation Vita. This accounts to an attach rate of more than 10 percent for each download compared to each Vita sold. Also the PlayStation 3 version has been downloaded 790,000 times.

"It's been another incredible month for Jetpack Joyride," said Phil Larsen, Halfbrick's chief marketing officer. "Player support has been sensational, proving without a doubt that Barry Steakfries is a perfect match for the PS3 and Vita."

"We want to extend a massive thanks to the dedicated team at Big Ant for bringing Jetpack Joyride to Sony's passionate and thriving online community. Our amazing fans continue to exceed expectations, paving the way for more exciting releases further down the line."

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Barozi (on 15 February 2013)

Attach rate for Vita is really good.

hunter_alien (on 15 February 2013)

Never the less the attach rate for such a small title is amazing :-) Plus the fact that according to Ubi, the retail/download attach rate can go as high as 25%, it seems that the Vita could have a potentially strong online storefront in the near future ;-)

JOKA_ (on 15 February 2013)

"Also the PlayStation 3 has been downloaded 790,000 times." I didn't know I could download a PS3!

gigantor21 (on 16 February 2013)

Doesn't matter. It's the same price as retail, but you can't trade it in. :p

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Bristow9091 (on 15 February 2013)

I downloaded this on my Vita yesterday, and before I knew it, I'd played for 7 hours straight, lol. It's actually really great and VERY addictive!

halil23 (on 18 February 2013)

Same here!! Not happy with the over-priced DLCs though... >_>
I mean I would buy heaps had they had fair pricing.

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Scisca (on 15 February 2013)

It's free and much better on Vita than on any mobile or tablet thanks to the back screen. It's a nice little time eater, but I hope for bigger games to come to Vita

RafaelOrix (on 16 February 2013)

A very fun game and it is free. Probably going to buy some DLC to support them.

Sensei (on 16 February 2013)

This game is amazing, I have it on both PS3 and Vita. I have purchased the DLC on Vita that gives me double coins. I think it's nice to show them some support for a well done game.

MANUELF (on 15 February 2013)

It is a free game isn it?

Shackkobe (on 16 February 2013)

This bodes well for Phantasy Star Online 2 on PS Vita. I believe Sega will have a hit on their hands.

axumblade (on 15 February 2013)

I'm glad to see it's being downloaded so much. It's actually a lot of fun. People can pay for coins in the game. I can imagine a few people paying for that at least.

ps3-sales! (on 15 February 2013)

Not familiar with this game. How do they make their money? DLC?

Panama (on 15 February 2013)

Micro transactions. Coins to buy in game unlocks and so forth.

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siavm (on 16 February 2013)

Sad the best selling game in vita is free. Sony is going to have to step things up. If not they may just release a lot of mini and free games and not any AAA $40 games.

Sensei (on 16 February 2013)

It is not the best selling game on the Vita.

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