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グランツーリスモ 5


Polyphony Digital



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11/24/10 Sony Computer Entertainment
11/25/10 Sony Computer Entertainment
11/24/10 Sony Computer Entertainment

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Gran Turismo 5 (PS3) > Opinions (1368)

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--OkeyDokey-- posted 30/11/2010, 12:27
Who would have thought, one of the most hyped games of the generation turns out to be one of the most underrated.
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Jin_Shihouin posted 29/11/2010, 10:37
Must have title for basically every ps3 owner, racing fan or not. It's that good.
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Skeeuk posted 29/11/2010, 10:03
really enjoying this
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amsterdream posted 29/11/2010, 02:53
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gustave154 posted 28/11/2010, 10:50
i got GT5!! can't wait to see how sales will be =)
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droganmaster posted 28/11/2010, 03:17
Got one yesteday!
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Kennyheart posted 27/11/2010, 08:54
Darth it's only a disappointment because it had so much hype.It's like ff13
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Kai Master posted 27/11/2010, 04:39
Buzz index ended at 27k, less than AC3's 32k... but 1st week sales seem to favor GT5 : 2M+ versus 1,8M.
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Vueguy posted 27/11/2010, 01:49
awesome game, no game is perfect so i will give it a 9/10. any game that score 7 out of 10 is a must own anyway.
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laxdman4 posted 26/11/2010, 11:47
@darthdevidem I completly agree. This is a quality game that I will be playing for a long time.
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darthdevidem01 posted 26/11/2010, 07:52
It is a pity the gaming media have branded this as a disappointment....stupid review system.
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Stefl1504 posted 26/11/2010, 10:46
We should make a VGLeague for GT5^^
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PullusPardus posted 26/11/2010, 03:49
Goodness i'm loving this way too much.......
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afi77 posted 25/11/2010, 05:59
My game of the year
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Cthulhu posted 25/11/2010, 11:11
Phenomenal Racing Experience
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darthdevidem01 posted 22/11/2010, 05:57
Racing game of the decade
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yahoocom1984 posted 02/11/2010, 11:16
Delay of the Decade
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haxxiy posted 29/05/2010, 08:28
I expect it to match Others, surpass America and undeperform in Japan when compared to GT4 numbers.
Like 1m Japan, 3.2m Americas and 6.3m Others lifetime.
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pslee posted 22/05/2010, 10:58
this game will change path of ps3 this generation. PD, please give this game to squarenix and tell them to make a port to xbox if they can. it seem like they are sucking bill gates' ass.
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bigjon posted 17/04/2010, 08:05
cant wait for this baby
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Heat posted 01/04/2010, 04:24
Will this game sell as poorly in America as GT4 did for some strange reason?

Overall I'm hoping for at least 11 million copies sold.
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pslee posted 10/03/2010, 05:48
first day. I already preordered my copy. i will get japanese version if they get it first. i got my ps3 just for this game. prologue is getting boring even though online is still good and competitive
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Rawnchie14 posted 07/03/2010, 03:17

Agreed. This will be the best selling PS3 game. Exclusive that is. (I don't think it'll reach CoD:MW2)
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iWarMachine posted 19/02/2010, 10:54
i'm with you FootballFan...GT series never had an opening week with less than 2M copies sold.
i'm expecting 3M...

1.5 Europe
1.0 United States
500k Japan
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FootballFan posted 17/02/2010, 02:45
1.5 million "others"
500,000 Japan
800,000 Americas

2.8 Million first week. Quote me
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Rikadyn posted 10/02/2010, 05:13
Gran Turismo 5: The Real Duke Nukem Simulator.
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headshot91 posted 06/02/2010, 11:42
4m first week? Yeah right
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Miss piggy posted 21/01/2010, 10:43
The wait is immense,i think there will be a very huge burst in the first week ,4M and more,then a slow down but not very sharp.
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RPG posted 15/01/2010, 12:40
It's going to be a slow burner. No doubt it will not do shabby first week WW (1.5 million is my guess) but it will have great legs.

For a PS3 game that is, nothing crazy like Kart Wii. The amount of features the game has though will only strengthen the franchise which is scary, no doubt the best selling PS3 title released.
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iWarMachine posted 14/01/2010, 02:52
i predict:

3M+ First Week.
Based on the Gt4 and Gt5p numbers:

600k in Japan
1M in North America
1.5M in Europe

Lifetime Sales = 10M+
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NeoMatrix posted 06/01/2010, 01:20
The February 2010 had an exclusive 10 pages article about Gran Turismo 5 and a GT Planet user posted the scans on their forums. Here's what we learn :

- Deformation for every car in the game although race cars will see even more damage
- First screens of GT5's night racing
- 1,000+ vehicles, all with modeled interiors
- Up to 16 players online
- Indy cars and tracks will be included
- Head tracking is reconfirmed and it's for use during racing
- Multi display is back (using 3 PS3's for a wider view)
- HD uploads to YouTube
- Weather
- Night racing for all tracks

- All cars will have cockpit view (the 170 premium are the ones on which the interior will also damage - the rest only external damage)
- Night & Day cycle and weather effects on all tracks
- Damage (visual and mechanical)

Just Definitive? Nope, a real RACING KING!!!
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snyperdud posted 04/01/2010, 10:02
I'm so tired of waiting for this.
I want nowwwwwww.
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Siko1989 posted 22/12/2009, 07:58
im hyped for this, it better not suck at the end lol
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sangbyung posted 13/12/2009, 08:11
can this outsell mod mw2?
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ZorroX posted 30/10/2009, 04:18
I predict 10M+ LTD and expect around 15M.
We shall see.
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haxxiy posted 26/10/2009, 10:36
I predict:

1m Japan
2m USA
6m Europe and Others

9m lifetime
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PlaystaionGamer posted 26/10/2009, 03:14
come on march 2010!!!
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8Nawt753 posted 25/10/2009, 08:32
Please release in March! This is the only franchise I played for the past 2 generations.
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sabby_e17 posted 19/10/2009, 06:06
This looks like its going to be the second best game that I will play this gen (after MGS4).
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TT Makaveli posted 23/09/2009, 09:39
@snyperdud: yeah...lets say if they dont announce an release date at TGS it seems release date till november seems really really unlikely but on the other side GT is really so big and highly anticipated that PD could really announce it on 20 november that its coming out on the 20th december and it will be still no big problem!
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snyperdud posted 07/09/2009, 01:40
Everyday that passes it seems less likely this come out in 09.
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TyePhoid_PAL posted 27/08/2009, 09:48
C'mon GT5 we are waiting.
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snyperdud posted 21/08/2009, 05:13
Release date please.
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skeezer posted 20/08/2009, 08:42
I'm so fucking hyped for this game... CANNOT WAIT ANYMORE :(
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sabby_e17 posted 20/08/2009, 04:28
I seriously cannot wait for this game. This surely will be the ultimate driving simulator this gen.
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321tttrini4everz posted 19/08/2009, 06:19
man i want this game for xmas

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PlaystaionGamer posted 16/08/2009, 08:14
Bundled with Slim Ps3 for £200 then we got a 10million seller
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TyePhoid_PAL posted 10/08/2009, 06:29
This year please!!!!!!
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FootballFan posted 18/07/2009, 11:03
I expect
2 million 1st week

8 million lifetime
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aavidbacon posted 17/07/2009, 05:42
Well, Proloque sold 3 mln compared to 1,35 of GT4 Prologue. I expect similar response on the real deal.
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HelloMotto posted 05/07/2009, 12:15
My prediction for first week sales:

1,000,000 EU
500,000 JP
600,000 US

8 - 9 million worldwide.

This is the first Gran Turismo game on the PS3, so I expect the sales to be pretty huge.
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FootballFan posted 04/07/2009, 11:51
Will sell way more in Europe.
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chris1_16 posted 28/06/2009, 06:46
Will it sell more in America or Europe?

*to be continued*
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FootballFan posted 20/06/2009, 03:14
Surley willl hit 1 million 1st week!
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yusuke93_ita posted 09/06/2009, 06:54
nascar license will boost sales in NA
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RPG posted 08/06/2009, 03:50
Gran Turismo is not big in NA anymore. Getting bigger and bigger in EU though so GT5 will easily sell 8 million.
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whofwhof posted 06/06/2009, 02:47
gran turismo 3 americans 7.14m
gran turimso 4 americans 2.76m

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whofwhof posted 06/06/2009, 02:44
yea the game will have damages
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ocnkng posted 03/06/2009, 07:45
Is that damage I am seeing on that screenshot?
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Squall_Leonhart posted 02/05/2009, 12:54
Here's hoping Sony are smart and make sure this is released for the holiday season 09' so the PS3 will have a bumper holiday sales spike and push it closer to the numbers the console should be selling, it is a great console!
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ps3-sales! posted 27/03/2009, 09:05
if this releases late November alongside a temporarily $50 price drop then you can kiss this console war goodbye.... for at least a couple months :) i want this game!
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Serious_frusting posted 25/03/2009, 03:21
i want you now :(
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shizzlee posted 24/02/2009, 07:32
Where are you? :(
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AaronSOLDIER posted 31/10/2008, 06:10
You cant ge this anymore - not on the EU store anyway, I deleted the game then couldnt find it - luckily its in my downloads list so i can just re download.

It was a great game for free though - cant expect too much for a price of 0
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Mike92r posted 24/08/2008, 02:31
Does it be the game the sellest of PS3 ?? it will be the sellest Gran Turismo ??
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roadkillers posted 26/06/2008, 05:45
This was my first experience with GT games. Maybe it was just me but I got bored.
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Gearbox posted 01/06/2008, 01:36
fel where do u get that from? it says no1 owns and and no1 said they played it!
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Fel_Br posted 15/03/2008, 07:15
So, 10 people have already played this Game?

They used Time machines?
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Shipping Total

11,950,000 Units
As of: September 30th, 2017

Opinion (1368)

atma998 posted 02/04/2021, 03:29
10 years later, I'm coming here and yup, I was right when I was saying the franchise was on a downward trend.

GT6 did 5.22M and GTS did an awful 3.77M.
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VXIII posted 17/12/2015, 06:31
True. What a monster. I predicted 10.5M back in days. GT5 pretty much exceeded everyone's expectations at this point.
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VXIII posted 16/12/2015, 06:54
"GT5 total just shy of 12 million units (11.94). This pushes the 2010 title into second place within the franchise, second only to GT3’s massive 14.89 million"
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ethomaz posted 07/01/2015, 06:51
The last shipped data is 10.66m as of Mar 2013. Yeap I believe the shipment is at least close to 12 million right now.

If VGC is undertracking it then it is really a little amount... 11 million max like CGI said.
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Kerotan posted 07/01/2015, 03:40
@CGI GT5 sold pretty well the prologue sales for it were excellent too. Can you PM me the info regarding why you think Polyphony will update their numbers soon?
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atma998 posted 06/01/2015, 06:02
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