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GameFAUX: Pokemon Company Announces it Will Investigate God Over Claims of Copying Designs

GameFAUX: Pokemon Company Announces it Will Investigate God Over Claims of Copying Designs - Article

by Paul Broussard , posted on 25 January 2024 / 4,624 Views

The Pokemon Company says it plans to investigate copycat claims against worldwide religious sensation God, after fans pointed out similarities between creatures in the Pokemon series and animals in nature.

The allegations over stealing material began when representatives of The Pokemon Company started noticing similarities between their designs and living creatures.

“The Pokemon Company will take whatever steps are necessary to defend our intellectual property. Some of these creatures that 'God' made do seem to have overlap with our designs,” a company representative said. “Take this ‘duck,’ which looks suspiciously similar to our Psyduck design. It was enough that we felt we needed to examine the issue and make sure no laws had been broken and our copyright was not being violated.”

“To be sure, there is room for inspiration and parody in any creative medium. But this ‘God’ fellow appears to have taken quite a few of our designs and hardly done anything to differentiate them. Seriously, ‘Snake?’ That’s just ‘Ekans’ spelled backwards.”

When we reached out to God to comment on the impending lawsuit, he looked puzzled momentarily, then said “Wait, they’re accusing me of ripping them off? I thought we were all just stealing from Dragon Quest.” 

God then politely requested if everyone reading could go buy a copy of Katana Zero, as it's his personal favorite creation and didn’t sell nearly as much as he would’ve liked.

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coolbeans (on 25 January 2024)

The Biblical authors who spoke of God's omnipotence did NOT account for Nintendo's lawyers at the time of writing.

  • +11
JEMC (on 25 January 2024)

As a long time player of God, I'd advise newcomers to avoid Australia. That map is for advanced players.

  • +7
Bofferbrauer2 JEMC (on 26 January 2024)

Wait until you unlock prehistoric periods...

  • +4
JEMC Bofferbrauer2 (on 26 January 2024)

Personally, I'm more excited about the long time rumored alien invasion season. Things could get wild!

  • +1
shikamaru317 (on 25 January 2024)

Lmao, love to see a good parody article.

The worst thing about Pokemon of all companies suggesting that Palworld stole their Pokemon designs is that Gamefreak themselves borrowed heavily from other game's designs back in Pokemon gen 1. You can find an image out there of about 20 gen 1 Pokemon which bear a pretty strong resemblance to Dragon Quest monster designs that came before Pokemon gen 1.

  • +7
KLAMarine (on 25 January 2024)

God messed with the wrong monster catching game.

  • +6
hellobion2 (on 25 January 2024)

I do notice similarities in the designs.

  • +3
TheLegendaryBigBoss (on 26 January 2024)

God will destroy The Pokemon Company!

  • +2
Machiavellian (on 26 January 2024)

One thing is as constant as the sun rising is Nintendo Lawyers.

  • +1
Mar1217 (on 25 January 2024)

Most important question, is God in the image of Arceus or is it Arceus that's in the image of God 🤔

  • +1