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PS5 Ships 32.1 Million Units as of December 2022

PS5 Ships 32.1 Million Units as of December 2022 - Sales

by William D'Angelo , posted on 02 February 2023 / 5,041 Views

Sony Interactive Entertainment in its financial results announced it has shipped 32.1 million PlayStation 5 consoles as of December 31, 2022.

With 32.1 million PlayStation 5 consoles shipped through the end of December 2022 that means 7.1 million units were shipped from October to December. This is up 3.2 million from the same quarter in 2021.

For reference, the PlayStation 4 had shipped 8.4 million units in the same quarter for a lifetime total of 37.7 million units shipped as of December 31, 2015. This puts the PS5 behind shipped PS4 units by 5.6 million units.

Sony did announce based on its own estimates the PS5 has sold-through to consumers 30.0 million units as of December 31, 2022.

PS5 Ships 19.3 Million Units as of March 2022, PS4 Ships 117 Million

There were a total of 86.5 million games sold on the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 for the quarter. This is down 6.2 million from 92.7 million during the same period a year earlier. Digital sales accounted for 62 percent of software sales.

There were 20.8 million first-party games sold across the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. This is up 9.5 million from 11.3 million first-party games sold a year ago.

The number of PlayStation Plus subscribers is at 46.4 million, which is down 1.6 million from 48.0 million from the same quarter a year ago. There were 112 million monthly active users, an increase of one million from 111 million a year ago.

Sony's Game & Network Services Segment for the quarter ending December 31, 2022, reported revenue increased 433.29 billion yen ($3.37 billion) year-over-year to 1,246.55 billion yen ($9.69 billion), while operating income increased 23.35 billion yen ($0.18 billion) to 116.25 billion yen ($0.90 billion).

Sony's forecast for the Game & Network Services Segment remain unchanged from the November forecast with sales expectation remaining the same. However, operating income is expected to be higher "due to the positive impact of foreign exchange rates."

"Sales are expected to remain unchanged from the November forecast. Operating income is expected to be higher than the November forecast mainly due to the positive impact of foreign exchange rates.," reads the report from Sony.

"In the February forecast, Sony has incorporated approximately 57 billion yen in expenses associated with acquisitions completed within the current fiscal year, including Bungie, Inc. The actual amount of expenses is subject to change depending on factors such as completion timing and the accounting treatment to be finalized after the closing dates."

A life-long and avid gamer, William D'Angelo was first introduced to VGChartz in 2007. After years of supporting the site, he was brought on in 2010 as a junior analyst, working his way up to lead analyst in 2012 and taking over the hardware estimates in 2017. He has expanded his involvement in the gaming community by producing content on his own YouTube channel and Twitch channel. You can contact the author on Twitter @TrunksWD.

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NoLimitVito (on 02 February 2023)

Dayum 32.1M by end of December vs 30.6 here? 1.5m PS5 floating around? adjustments inbound?

  • +3
trunkswd NoLimitVito (on 02 February 2023)

There aren't many places I can adjust up. But yes, some adjustments inbound.

  • 0
CosmicSex trunkswd (on 02 February 2023)

I mean it's clearly under tracked. We know not by a lot but we also know there isn't a retail stockpile. Or do you mean you literally can't adjust the numbers but someone else can?

Edit:. Nevermind I read your forum post. Thx

  • 0
DeEscapist CosmicSex (on 02 February 2023)

Which post?

  • 0
loy310 (on 02 February 2023)

Sony just increased PS5 fy sales to 19 million.

  • +1
Juanita (on 02 February 2023)

Reported revenue increased by 53% o.O

  • +1
LivncA_Dis3 (on 02 February 2023)

Some ups and downs but the numbers aren't far off from one another which is good news!

But better news would be everything going up but becoz of Covid fcking us over that's not gonna happen

  • +1
jvmkdg (on 02 February 2023)

good job trunks. the 18 million sent now seems possible if she has a great first quarter.

  • 0
trunkswd jvmkdg (on 02 February 2023)

For the fiscal year PS5 is at 12.8M with only the March quarter missing. Sony would need to ship 5.2M for that quarter to hit 18 million. That would be the better than any non-holiday quarter for the PS5 and PS4. Best non-holiday quarter I see is for the PS4 with 4.2M.

  • +3
siebensus4 (on 02 February 2023)

Wow, pretty bad news for Sony. PS5 sold less than PS4 in the same quarter, sold less games than last year and has less subscribers than last year. I guess this is partially the result of the very bad first half of 2022, which suffered under shortages.

  • -7
the-pi-guy siebensus4 (on 02 February 2023)

"sold less games than last year"

On this bit specifically, Sony has been talking about how the market is going towards live service. People are buying fewer games, but they're spending more time and money on the games they do get. So this trend isn't surprising.

  • 0