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Overall Game of the Year 2022

Overall Game of the Year 2022 - Article

by Evan Norris , posted on 23 January 2023 / 7,373 Views

If the shortlist of VGChartz Game of the Year contenders had to be summed up in a single word, it would be "iteration". Nothing here started from scratch; the greatness involved came from years of modification, experimentation, and incremental updates.

Just look at the three Nintendo-published candidates. There are not one, not two, but three games with "3" in the title. That includes Bayonetta 3, which built upon one of the industry's best combat systems with enhanced replayability and larger levels; Splatoon 3, which further polished the unique third-person shooter, adding new maps, weapons, and an updated multiplayer lobby system; and Xenoblade Chronicles 3, which thanks to its huge open world, expanded combat system, sympathetic characters, and epic musical score, further insisted on the Xenoblade series ranking among the all-time greats in the RPG genre.

Outside of Nintendo, Sony iterated on its re-energized God of War franchise with God of War Ragnarök, a sequel that improved upon its predecessor in several important areas, introducing new enemy types & bosses, and even a controllable Atreus. Meanwhile, From Software took 12+ years of experience in action RPGs and fed it into the phenomenal open-world experience Elden Ring, which — with different characters and lore — could easily have been released as Dark Souls IV.



The Shortlist:


Bayonetta 3


Elden Ring



God of War Ragnarök


Splatoon 3


Xenoblade Chronicles 3





The Runner-Up:

Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Once upon a time, there was a significant doubt over whether the first Xenoblade Chronicles would reach the full global marketplace. Ten years later, the series has moved away from that precarious position and blossomed into a full franchise, with several re-releases, expansions, and sequels. The latest sequel, Xenoblade Chronicles 3, is yet another badge of honor for the series and its developer Monolith Soft. And while it definitely rests snugly among the other Xenoblade titles — the game world is still impossibly big, the story remains gripping, and the music is, as always, transcendent — it has its own mechanics, rules, and logic. You can activate more characters in battle, switch among characters, and even interlink them to summon a powerful Ouroboros form. It feels very much like an evolution and refinement of earlier games in the series, which were already spectacular.




The Winner:

Elden Ring

Since 2009, every time Japanese developer From Software releases a game, it enters Game of the Year territory. The studio simply hasn't missed since Demon's Souls invented its own sub-genre, the Souls-like, over a dozen years ago. Now, From Software hasn't drifted very far from the formula that made it a fan favorite, but it has worked within its boundaries to tweak, clarify, and, in some cases, broaden it. And no title has broadened the formula (and the mass appeal) of Souls-like games more than Elden Ring.

A helpful but reductive way to describe Elden Ring is as Dark Souls set in an open world. It takes the grimdark setting, action RPG mechanics, steep difficulty, and opaqueness of Souls-like games and thrusts it into a vast medieval sandbox filled with strange life, bewitching characters, and open-ended freedom. As a result, the feelings of exploration and discovery are intoxicating — in ways similar to The Elder Scrolls, The Witcher 3, and Breath of the Wild, all of which influenced Elden Ring director Hidetaka Miyazaki in some way or another. When that heady sensation of adventure pairs with the game's demanding risk-versus-reward combat, addictive live-die-repeat gameplay loop, stunning art direction, and beautifully mysterious story, the result is another jewel in the From Software crown, and a singular experience that we're proud to call our Overall Game of 2022.



Previous Winners


Metroid Dread


The Last of Us Part II


Resident Evil 2


God of War


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild


Uncharted 4: A Thief's End


Rocket League


Super Smash Bros. for Wii U


Super Mario 3D World




The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


Mass Effect 2


Uncharted 2: Among Thieves





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MTZehvor (on 23 January 2023)

Congrats to ER and all the games on the list, well deserved.

  • +11
Slownenberg (on 23 January 2023)

Yeah Elden Ring obvious pick. Nothing else comes close I would think. Surprised XC3 was the runner up over God of War, but nice to see a surprise.

I'm thinking one of these years I'm gonna have to pick up the first Xenoblade on Switch and try out this series.

  • +9
Kakadu18 Slownenberg (on 24 January 2023)

Definitely do it. It's amazing.

  • 0
BonfiresDown (on 23 January 2023)

Wow, Xenoblade actually beat out Ragnarök.

  • +4
coolbeans (on 23 January 2023)

I, for one, am shocked by this decision.

  • +3
Mnementh (on 23 January 2023)

Surprise, surprise!
Elden Ring was (and still is) a phenomenon. I agree with Yahtzee Crishaw, who said some games have a year in brackets to distinguish them from others like Doom (2016), but he has a feeling Elden Ring will be used to distinguish 2022 from other years, so 2022 (Elden Ring).

  • +3
Kakadu18 (on 23 January 2023)

All certainly fantastic games in the shortlist. I only played Splatoon 3 of those games though so far.

  • +3
LivncA_Dis3 (on 23 January 2023)

Vgchartz really love their Nintendo products

  • +2
Machina (on 23 January 2023)

I'm glad Elden Ring won. It's not my favourite FromSoft game, but it's certainly my favourite game of 2022.

  • +2
LivncA_Dis3 Machina (on 23 January 2023)

Indeed it's not the best fromsoft souls game

  • 0
FarleyMcFirefly (on 23 January 2023)

I am still wowed by how much I loved Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and how much the story just resonated with me even after finishing the game in October. Such a fantastic series overall. Definitely top 5 material.

  • +2
Ka-pi96 (on 25 January 2023)

Personally I'm not interested in a single one of those games.

Congrats to Elden Ring though, seems a lot of people really did like it.

  • 0