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Nintendo Switch Outsells Lifetime PS4 Sales in the US

Nintendo Switch Outsells Lifetime PS4 Sales in the US - Sales

by William D'Angelo , posted on 05 May 2022 / 7,260 Views

The VGChartz sales comparison series of articles are updated monthly and each one focuses on a different sales comparison using our estimated video game hardware figures. The charts include comparisons between the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch, as well as with older platforms. There are articles based on our worldwide estimates, as well as the US, Europe, and Japan.

This monthly series compares the aligned US sales of the Nintendo Switch and the PlayStation 4.

The PS4 launched in the US on November 15, 2013, while the Switch launched on March 3, 2017. Therefore, the holiday periods for the two consoles do not lineup, which is why there are big increases and decreases.

Nintendo Switch Outsells PS4 in the US

Nintendo Switch Outsells PS4 in the US

Switch Vs. PS4 US:

Gap change in latest month: 961,412 - PS4

Gap change over last 12 months: 1,932,217 - Switch

Total Lead: 8,124,403 - Switch

Switch Total Sales: 35,622,126

PS4 Total Sales: 27,497,723

March 2022 is the 61st month that the Nintendo Switch has been available for. During the latest month, the gap in the US grew in favor of the PS4 when you align launches by 961,412 units.

In the last 12 months, the Switch has grown its lead by 1.93 million units. The Switch currently leads by 8.12 million units.

The 61st month on sale for the Switch is March 2022, while for the PS4 it is November 2018. The Switch has sold 35.62 million units, while the PS4 sold 27.50 million units during the same timeframe.

The Nintendo Switch has now outsold lifetime sales of the PS4 in the US. The Switch with its 35.62 million units sold in the US is ahead of the 35.25 million units the PS4 has sold in its lifetime. With PS4 sales quickly dropping off, the Switch will only continue to grow its lead over the latest PS4 sales.

A life-long and avid gamer, William D'Angelo was first introduced to VGChartz in 2007. After years of supporting the site, he was brought on in 2010 as a junior analyst, working his way up to lead analyst in 2012. He has expanded his involvement in the gaming community by producing content on his own YouTube channel and Twitch channel dedicated to gaming Let's Plays and tutorials. You can contact the author at or on Twitter @TrunksWD.

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darthv72 (on 05 May 2022)

Switch has 9m to go before it passes PS4 globally. I think it can do that this year.

  • +11
javi741 darthv72 (on 05 May 2022)

It's guaranteed at this point the Switch will outsell the PS4 globally this year. The holiday quarter will sell around 10 Million Switches alone, so the Switch could sell literally 0 units for the 2nd & 3rd quarters of the calendar year and still outsell the PS4 globally this year. The Switch will likely be around 124 Million by the end of 2022.

  • +17
siebensus4 (on 05 May 2022)

It happened a bit faster than worldwide...

  • +10
SanAndreasX (on 05 May 2022)

Way to go Switch! Well deserved.

  • +5
Ljink96 (on 05 May 2022)

Oh boy, the day has finally come. It's only a matter of time before it outsells it WW. From there? It's going up against DS and PS2 and as of now it ain't looking good for either of them.

Switch could indeed become the best selling gaming console of all time. All of this after the shaky life of the 3DS and the failure of Wii U. Don't count these jokers out...ever. lol.

  • +2
dane007 Ljink96 (on 05 May 2022)

Imagine if we didn't have a chip shortage, due to covid. How much more would switch be by now!

  • -2
Doctor_MG dane007 (on 05 May 2022)

To be fair, the video game market also saw a boost due to COVID, so it is possible that, without COVID, the desire for in home entertainment (i.e. videogame consoles) would have been lower, thus leading to lower sales despite availability

  • +11
dane007 Doctor_MG (on 05 May 2022)

It's more being able to produce consoles to meet demand as there's a chip shortage. Oh well so did software. Games like animal crossing benefited immensely because of covid

  • -1
SanAndreasX dane007 (on 05 May 2022)

Could it also be argued that if it weren't for the chip shortage, which seems to be hitting Sony the hardest, that the Switch wouldn't be doing as well as it has because the PS5 would be a stronger competing option for entertainment?

  • 0
Doctor_MG SanAndreasX (on 05 May 2022)

PS5 shortages are definitely increasing XSX sales, but Switch and PS5 don't have the same kind of overlap as PS5 and XSX. Maybe some of the sales are going to the Switch, but I highly doubt it's a significant amount. Data has already shown us that most Switch owners have either an Xbox or Playstation as well. This shows us that Switch offers something unique that is great as a companion to one of the twins.

  • +6
dane007 SanAndreasX (on 06 May 2022)

It wouldn't effect the switch sales as u expect. I have switch and a series x. If ps5 wasn't in such shortage, I would have that as well hehe. As doctor mg says, it provides an experience that u cant get anywhere outside of switch.

  • +3
Pajderman (on 09 May 2022)

That red lines trajectory in the total sales graph is something else. One thing to remember is that the base system has yet to receive a price cut. I was skeptic about it some years back, but now I feel more and more sure about that we are watching the most sold gaming console in history during its prime years.

  • 0