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PS5 Sales Top 1 Million in Japan

PS5 Sales Top 1 Million in Japan - Sales

by William D'Angelo , posted on 02 October 2021 / 7,874 Views

PlayStation 5 sales have surpassed one million units in Japan, according to the latest Famitsu figures for the week ending September 5.

The PS5 has sold 1,012,656 units in Japan. The standard model with the disc drive accounts for 847,421 units sold, while the Digital Edition has sold 165,235 units.

Sony launched the PS5 in Japan on November 12, 2020 and reached one million units sold in 43 weeks. To compare, it took the PS4 nearly a year to sell one million units in Japan. The PS5 is tracking about on par with the PlayStation Vita in Japan and behind the PS1, PS2, PS3, and PSP.

Resident Evil Village is the highest selling PS5 game at retail with over 67,000 units sold. 

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ice (on 09 September 2021)

zhuge said a lot of them are being scalped to nearby countries, and that's pretty clear when you look at the software sales but regardless congrats.

edit: idk why the downvotes, it's not a knock on PS, if anything it shows the demand? lol And he's a trusted analyst so I thought it was an interesting tidbit as it's been long speculated.

  • +10
Rafie ice (on 09 September 2021)

I didn't downvote ya, but I guess it was because it SEEMED like a backhanded compliment. You know the typical, "you can thank the scalpers for the sales" bit...but congrats. You know how it is man.

  • +2
ice Rafie (on 09 September 2021)

While idk how much this speaks about the JP market, it is still technically a milestone. I do wonder how well the PS5 will do there this gen as the shift to handheld seems to only get bigger. The Series X is likely getting scalped in JP too, to some extent which I commented about before.

  • +3
Pinkie_pie ice (on 09 September 2021)

Maybe because theres only like 3 ps5 exclusives. I got a ps5 day 1 and the only ps5 game i own is ratchet rift apart. The reason to buy the ps5 have been upgrades. I've been replaying nearly all my ps4 games on ps5. 60fps has breathed so much life into past gen games and once you play games at 60 fps its very hard to go back to 30fps

  • 0
DonFerrari (on 09 September 2021)

Being ahead of PS4 in Japan is kinda good thing compared to the continuous drop gen over gen for consoles in Japan. And also have a clear number for us to see discless is only 16% of the sales, we know that it is because of the production of the disc version being bigger, but this also show that Sony isn't yet on the verge to jump to a all digital future.

  • +1
fauzman (on 09 September 2021)

Well its taken a while to get there. Hopefully sales pick up as bigger japanese games are released.

  • +1
Dahum (on 09 September 2021)

Not a bad milestone! Hopefully the sales continues and grow bigger with dedicated software and releases there.

  • 0
Signalstar (on 09 September 2021)

Sales might seem low or slow but Japan is probably the 2nd best selling individual country for the PS5 after the USA. Something to keep in mind

  • 0
SvenTheTurkey (on 09 September 2021)

Surprised the disc version is so much more popular. I guess I had the impression that Japan would be embracing digital more than other parts of the world.

  • -1
Comment was deleted...
TheBraveGallade Ka-pi96 (on 19 October 2021)

japan's secondhand market developed a lot more then other countries, as computer software rentals are illegal there. so instead of rented, people buy games and then sold them after they were done, since cart games, accounting for inflation, were much more expensive back in the day.

  • 0
Kakadu18 SvenTheTurkey (on 09 September 2021)

Japan has way lower digital sales than the UK and US for example.

  • +1