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Square Enix to Allow Employees to Work from Home Permanently Starting December 1

Square Enix to Allow Employees to Work from Home Permanently Starting December 1 - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 24 November 2020 / 1,441 Views

Square Enix announced it will allow employees to work from home permanently starting December 1. Right now employees are working from home due to the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. 

The goal of the company is to create a flexible and diverse working environment, as well as improve productivity and help employees achieve a better work-life balance.

The work from home program will help Square Enix recruit more diverse human resources and establish a system that can handle unexpected events, such as disasters and changes in employment models. Employees will be able to provide greater creativity as they provide customers worldwide with content and services that meet their expectations. 

Read the details on the work from home program below:

Work-from-home Program

Providing customers with unforgettable entertainment requires creativity and productivity. Moreover, the nature of the work involved demands consistent, robust security. As such, the Work-from-home Program will combine "home-based" and "office-based" models.

The Company will designate each employee as either "home based" (working an average of at least three days per week from home) or "office based" (working an average of at least three days per week from the office). In general, all eligible employees will be designated as "home based." Division heads will designate some positions or individual employees as "office based" as dictated by the nature of the work involved.

Status changes will be allowed on a monthly basis depending upon the intensity of an employee's duties. The Company expects approximately 80% of employees to be home based in December, the first month of the program's implementation.

Program name Work-from-home Program
Eligible companies
(other than the Company,
Square Enix Co., Ltd.)
Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd.
Luminous Productions Co., Ltd.
Start date December 1, 2020

Reasons for program implementation

The Company had for some time been exploring options for enabling greater flexibility in working styles when the COVID-19 outbreak occurred. In response, the Company implemented a series of measures starting in February 2020 that included enabling work from home, staggered working hours, and online conferencing.

Following a sustained period with these measures in place, the Company conducted a survey in June that demonstrated that roughly 80% of employees had a positive view of work from home. The Company also carefully considered a wide range of opinions from businesses as diverse as games, publication, and music regarding the practicality of work from home. This program was finalized based on those considerations. By enabling the option of monthly status changes rather than establishing blanket rules regarding who works from home and who from the office, the Company has designed a program that should be highly satisfactory both to those performing duties and those managing them.

A life-long and avid gamer, William D'Angelo was first introduced to VGChartz in 2007. After years of supporting the site, he was brought on in 2010 as a junior analyst, working his way up to lead analyst in 2012. He has expanded his involvement in the gaming community by producing content on his own YouTube channel and Twitch channel dedicated to gaming Let's Plays and tutorials. You can contact the author at or on Twitter @TrunksWD.

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AsGryffynn (on 25 November 2020)

Sweet. JP companies are not known for flexible work conditions so this is always a plus.

  • +7
Verter (on 25 November 2020)

I want to work for Square Enix now.

  • +6
DonFerrari (on 25 November 2020)

Well if they can have such a great amount of people working from home mostly then the COVID shouldn't be much more of an impact on their productivity.
But for companies it can mean very strong savings in cost and for employees can mean much higher quality of life (or abuse).

  • +5
VAMatt (on 27 November 2020)

I think more remote work is generally a good idea. But, let's jot pretend that being in the same space with coworkers isn't important. It's one thing to work from home when you have relationships with your coworkers developed by working together (in person) previously. Working closely with people that you have never met in person (or spent so little time with that you don't really know them) is not the same thing.

  • +4
ArchangelMadzz (on 25 November 2020)

This is great, go Square Enix.

  • +4
V-r0cK (on 25 November 2020)

I've always been preaching about the ability to work from home way before the pandemic because many jobs already had the technology to do so for years. It saves hours every day from having to get up early to get ready, dealing with traffic to/from (it saves me 3 hrs a day), prep to pack lunch, depending on your work environment you won't have to deal with your coworkers/work environment which I know can put a mental strain to some, your car wont be used as much so less repair and less pumping gas, which also means more green for the environment/no need to keep cutting down trees to build wider highways etc.. I find it's way more beneficial for workplaces to give everyone the option to work from home (as i know some still prefer the work environment/get away from the house). Probably this method didnt pick up sooner cause a lot bosses don't trust you and want you in sight working like machines (while they can skip work freely and nobody can say a dam thing) lol. Before the only way workplaces would let you work from home is if you had some disability so it's unfortunate that we needed a pandemic for this to happen, but I guess it's what we needed. I hope more companies around the world will follow in Square's footsteps.

  • +3
Fight-the-Streets V-r0cK (on 25 November 2020)

Perfectly said! Every disaster has a positive side, home office will not go away. Our company already said we will keep it after Corona, well being in office only 2 days our of 5.

  • +1
V-r0cK V-r0cK (on 25 November 2020)

That's awesome to hear your company will keep it that way. Another positive thing and should be better for companies as well, is that they would no longer need to rent big enough office spaces to fit everyone. Saves the company cost on rent, any hydro or electrical, internet etc...Would be nice if they paid their employees working from home just a tiny tad bit more since each employee will likely be using their own internet, electricity etc..That's what my company did. I too work from home and am loving it.

  • 0
TallSilhouette (on 25 November 2020)

If there's one silver lining to the pandemic it's the shift in job culture. Would be nice to find my own good remote job at some point.

  • 0
LivncA_Dis3 (on 25 November 2020)

yes to safe employees!

  • 0