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Best Indie Game of 2016

Best Indie Game of 2016 - Article

by Dan Carreras , posted on 08 January 2017 / 8,585 Views

It’s been almost a decade since indie games first made a splash on console platforms and in that time the quality of indie offerings has continued to rise. With triple-A releases taking longer to make on average - and in many cases receiving numerous delays - these increasingly polished and oftentimes addictive indie titles give us a chance to continue to play new releases while waiting for the year's more anticipated big beasts. 

The Shortlist:





Stardew Valley


Planet Coaster



The Winner:


With its gorgeously realised world, and fantastic attention to detail, Inside was always going to be a hit for many fans of Playdead’s previous game, Limbo. Its 10/10 rating on Steam goes a long way to showing how well loved the dark and brooding Inside is, and that's no less the case for the VGChartz community, which hands Inside the award for both Best Puzzle Game of 2016 and Best Indie Game of 2016.

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Rafie (on 09 January 2017)

Cuphead will probably take 2017 for sure. I definitely agree with Inside being the top indie for 2016.

  • +1
CaptainExplosion (on 08 January 2017)

No mention of Shantae: Half Genie Hero? Fail!!

  • +1
Goatseye (on 09 January 2017)

Daniel Carreras, Indie games splashed on original Xbox in 2004. XBLA was launched in May of that year.

  • 0
KazumaKiryu (on 09 January 2017)

"Abzu" is like "The Last Guardian". So special, so amazing. True love, special experience < 3

  • 0
Trunkin (on 08 January 2017)

I just played through Inside in one sitting yesterday. It was an absolutely outstanding game, and I can definitely see myself going back to it again, despite its linearity.

I still prefer Hyper Light Drifter, though. :p

  • 0
Azuren (on 08 January 2017)

I hate everyone for not picking Salt and Sanctuary.

  • 0
Bandorr Azuren (on 08 January 2017)

Hey, at least Dark souls 3 hasn't won anything either. Should make you feel better.

  • 0
Azuren Azuren (on 08 January 2017)

Why would that make me feel better?

  • 0
axumblade (on 08 January 2017)

Another great year for Indie games. Kinda funny to see after all the initial hype when it was announced, The Witness didn't even make the short list.

  • 0
Barkley (on 08 January 2017)

I wouldn't view Planet Coaster as an Indie Game... Frontier has 300 employees.

  • 0
Machina Barkley (on 08 January 2017)

Depends on the definition I guess. Frontier consider themselves an indie developer and it was self-published, so that's good enough for me.

  • +2
HoloDust (on 08 January 2017)

I would probably go with Overcooked or Moonhunters. Inside is a decent game, but I liked Limbo way, way more.

  • -1
Firefoxie (on 08 January 2017)

I think Stardew Valley should have won.

  • -1