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Wii U vs PSV – VGChartz Gap Charts – February 2016 Update

Wii U vs PSV – VGChartz Gap Charts – February 2016 Update - Sales

by William D'Angelo , posted on 19 March 2016 / 39,148 Views

The VGChartz Gap charts are updated monthly and each article focuses on a different gap chart. The charts include comparisons between the 7th generation and 8th generation platforms, as well as comparisons within the 8th generation. All sales are worldwide, unless otherwise stated.

Wii U Vs. PlayStation Vita Global:

Gap change in latest month: 28,875 – PSV

Gap change over last 12 months: 816,472 – Wii U

Total Lead: 725,919 – PSV

Wii U Total Sales: 12,788,866

PSV Total Sales: 13,514,785

In the latest month the PlayStation Vita grew its lead over the Wii U by 28,875 units. However, in the last 12 months the Wii U has closed the gap by 818,472 units. The PlayStation Vita currently leads by 725,919 units.

The PlayStation Vita first launched in December 2011, while the Wii U launched in November 2012. The PlayStation Vita has sold 13.51 million units, while the Wii U has sold 12.79 million units.


A life-long and avid gamer, William D'Angelo was first introduced to VGChartz in 2007. After years of supporting the site, he was brought on in 2010 as a junior analyst, working his way up to lead analyst in 2012. He has expanded his involvement in the gaming community by producing content on his own YouTube channel and Twitch channel dedicated to gaming Let's Plays and tutorials. You can contact the author at or on Twitter @TrunksWD.

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kooltrex (on 19 March 2016)

I think that in the end PSV will come out on top.

  • +10
Mystro-Sama (on 19 March 2016)

PSV is still killing it in Japan.

  • +7
LesserAmygdala (on 20 March 2016)

Glad to see Vita doing better than at least something. Definitely my favorite of the two.

  • +5
Darwinianevolution (on 19 March 2016)

The WiiU sells better during the holydays and after a Nintendo game gets released, while the Vita sells better every other moment. It would be interesting to see if the WiiU manages to outsell the Vita before the NX gets released, but considering that the NX announcement will make the WiiU sales drop like a rock, I'm not optimistic.

  • +5
Luke888 Darwinianevolution (on 19 March 2016)

Seeing how Nintendo is limiting Wii U restocking in Japan I'm afraid Wii U won't catch up, of course there'll be restocking when titles like Star Fox or Zelda release, but in the end, there's only those two games (unless Pokkén proves extremely suxcessful differently from what it did in the Arcade version)

  • +3

I think it's possible if the Wii U gets a significant price drop. The manufacturing costs have probably come down a lot so hopefully Nintendo drops the price before the NX is released.

  • +1
Ganoncrotch (on 20 March 2016)

Did ye notice that on the chartz here that the Vita has outsold the Wii-U every single Week of 2016, it's pretty crazy the comback, I remember a time when it was being outsold nearly 10:1 by the 3ds and now it's barely even 2:1 in favour of the Ninty handheld.

Vita had life in it after all. great to see, such a fantastic handheld.

  • +3
Ryng (on 19 March 2016)

VGChartz. I understand if you don't trusth those CESA estimate, but can you at least adjust the France sales?

According to GFK, Vita has sold a bit over than 60,000 in 2015 while VGC has Vita at almost 120,000.

  • +3
BlowoverKing Ryng (on 20 March 2016)

Yeah and they should adjust the Vita up by about 200k in the US considering they haven't tracked the PSTV there at all.

  • +4
Azhraell (on 19 March 2016)

This comparison aside, I like that the psv is still selling a little. Hope it reaches 15m

  • +2
Jranation Azhraell (on 19 March 2016)

Sadly I don't know when was the last time we got REAL info on PsVita Sales outside of Japan.

  • +3
bartkuz Azhraell (on 19 March 2016)

It will reach 15m next year no problem.

  • +2
COKTOE (on 19 March 2016)

A price drop for both is waaaayyyy overdue.

  • 0
Darwinianevolution COKTOE (on 19 March 2016)

I don't think Nintendo is going to make a significant pricedrop at this point. After the NX announcement we might see one, just to try to get rid of all the unsold stock, but nothing really big.

  • 0