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Most Expensive Atari 2600 Game Sold for $33,433.30 - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 05 November 2012 / 18,149 Views

The first successful video game home console, the Atari 2600, 35 years after it was released is still setting records. On November 4, a copy of Air Raid sold for $33,433.30 at auction. This is the most expensive Atari 2600 game ever sold. The previous record was set in April 2010 for the same game, which sold for $31,600.

These two copies of the game are the only ones known to still have the original box. However, the record setter is also the only copy of the game to have a copy of the instruction manual. The game usually sells for around $3,000 if it doesn't have the box or manual.

To compare here are the other top selling Atari 2600 games. Red Sea Crossing is the most expensive game when it sells without the box. It has sold for as high as $10,000. Birthday Mania, while it has never been sold publicly, the highest known offer was $6,500. Gamma-Attack is as rare as Air Raid. Only two copies are known to exist and while the game has never been sold at auction, one of the owners claims to have been offered $6,000.

While this copy of Air Raid may have set a record for most expensive Atari 2600 ever sold, it is not the most expensive video game in the world. An auction at eBay was trying to sell a copy of the super rare The Legend of Zelda prototype cartridge for $150,000. The highest offer was $55,000 and while the game did not sell that set a record for the highest offer ever for a video game. Stadium Events for the NES holds the current record for most expensive game sold. In 2010 a copy of the game sold for $41,300.

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Ganoncrotch (on 05 November 2012)

while I love collecting video games.... that kinda money could put a roof over your head, it's more nuts when you consider that the rom image of that cart is available on the net and it's about 4kb :s works out at over 8000dollars per Kilobyte of game or $8.16 per Byte Lunacy :D

  • +3
Meret (on 05 November 2012)


  • +2
Kai Master (on 16 November 2012)

How did he get the prototype of Zelda ?! Was the seller in fact Yamamoto himselt ? ^^

  • 0
think-man (on 06 November 2012)

:O better never sell another game of mine again, then one day......

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