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by VGChartz Staff , posted on 01 March 2011 / 2,997 Views

Google gave a talk at GDC 2011 on their fledgeling technology, Google TV. First off is a video of the introduction, since we were only allowed to film the first five minutes:

 GDC 2011 Google TV 1

Google's Ian Ni-Lewis and Andres Ferrate spoke about Google TV and 'Games on Smart TV: Lessons Learned from Google TV' and outlined, ultimately, that while Google TV was a console, it wasn't in direct competition with 'larger' systems, like the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360. Google TV doesn't feature the processing power to handle 3D rendering, an essential technology for current-generation console gaming.

Ultimately, Google TV is aimed at the casual gamer market, people who have never played a game before. Games like shooters, according to Ian Ni-Lewis and Andres Ferrate require immediate accuracy. Google TV doesn't offer a mouse or a true D-pad that would be necessary for such input accuracy.

They also spoke about the differences between Google TV and other casual and social gaming. While most casual and social gaming has taken place on PC and portable devices, Google TV focuses on the living room. The living room is 'the 10-foot experience,' requiring larger, easier to understand UI.

 GDC 2011 Smart TV 2

To that end, Google featured, a game much like Pictionary where players try to draw and guess on a given word designed to fit between commercials and your regular programming. Pay to download games have already been announced. Freemium content and ad-supported games are also expected to generate a lot of revenue for Google TV. They also used to show off interactivity between smartphones and Google TV.

 GDC 2011 Smart TV 3

Another lesson learned from Google TV: messaging. Ian Ni-Lewis and Andres Ferrate regretted not including a better messaging service in Google TV. The phone was given as a strong metaphor for technological evolution. A lot of the tools available to modern phones have made phones better. The lesson learned was that Google TV needs to fit in between mobile gaming and hardcore play, games where users can play with their family.

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