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For the five weeks ending July 3, 2010 NPD says $1.1 billion was spent on video games in the United States. That is drop from June 2010 when $1.17 billion was spent on video games. The major culprit for the decline was software, which declined 15%. Hardware revenues increased by 5% though.

                         June 2009             June 2010        

Games            $627.0m                $531.3m

Systems           $382.6m               $401.7m

Accessories     $158.2m               $169.6m

Total                $1170m                  $1102m

As expected, Microsoft's X360 saw a massive increase in sales against May 2010 and June 2009 on Microsoft's push to rid the channel of older models at a $50 discount and the mid-month introduction of the X360 Slim. Sony's PS3 and Nintendo's Wii also saw increased sales over May 2010 and June 2009 - although on a revenue basis Nintendo earned slightly less from Wii hardware in 2010 than in 2009. PSP, DS, and presumably PS2 all declined over June 2009 levels. Still, with the pricier hardware seeing sizable increases, hardware sales revenue was up by 5% overall.

NPD listed the following hardware totals for video game hardware in June - it was a decent month for hardware. Note that May 2010 was four weeks, while both June 2009 and June 2010 were five week periods.

       June 2010           May 2010            M/M        June 2009          Y/Y

DS - 510,700               383,700            +33%          766,500           -33%

X360 - 451,700           194,600            +132%        240,600          +88%

Wii - 422,500              334,800            +26%           361,700          +17%

PS3 - 304,800             154,500             +97%          164,700          +85%

PSP - 121,000             59,400               +104%        163,500          -26%

PS2 - No total given  (likey 40k each month)       152,700          N/A

On a weekly basis, X360 increased from less than 50,000 per week in May to over 90,000 per week in June - easily the biggest jump. PS3 spiked from under 40,000 per week in May to over 60,000 per week in June. PSP, even with Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker missing the top ten spiked from less than 15,000 per week in May to 24,000 per week in June. Weekly Wii sales increased slightly on average too, while DS saw a small lift jumping from about 96,000 per week to over 102,000 per week.

Year to date, hardware sales are solid, but still tracking well below early 2009 levels. Wii will top 30m in the USA next month, a level only major consoles like NES, PS1, and PS2 have reached in the USA.

2010 YTD   / June 2010 LTD

DS - 3.07m   /  41.80m

Wii - 2.46m / 29.57m

X360 - 1.92m / 20.55m

PS3 - 1.59m / 12.72m

PSP - 0.60m / 17.42m

PS2 - Roughly 0.40m - 0.45m ?  / Roughly 45.56m

If we look at 12 month sequences since launch for Wii, X360, PS3 and PS2 - the X360 is slowly trending toward PS2 numbers at a comparable point after a much slower start while Wii remains far ahead of PS2 hardware even though it is well off its peak.

Strong HW Sales for Consoles

PS3 and X360 may begin dropping later this year, as the holiday season in 2009 will be tough to match - but right now they are at nearly the level of PS2 was after the enormous early peak.

Top software for June was pretty similar to top software for May. Red Dead Redemption and Super Mario Galaxy 2 were the major performers. No other games topped 500,000 for the month on a single platform.

NPD June 2010 Top Ten

Image: Industry Gamers and NPD

In a press release, Nintendo noted that Toy Story 3 sold 164,000 units and that Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 sold 136,000 units. The Wii Fit Plus package that includes the balance board sold 148,000 - suggesting that the stand alone version of the game sold about 20,000 units. Logically, UFC Undisputed sold about 155,000 on X360 and about 130,000 on PS3. In other words Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, Tiger Woods, and others could have topped 100,000 for the month despite missing the top ten.

One interesting item about the top ten is that X360 had only two titles crack the list. Given how high hardware sales were this month, relative to normal, it is a bit surprising that more X360 software didn't chart. Odds are many Xbox 360 owners took advantage of the clearance sale and the introduction of the wifi-ready X360 Slim to buy more reliable X360 models and thus relatively few "non-X360 owners" Jumped In this month. It also wouldn't be surprising to see the X360 attach rate fall a bit this month.

Third parties also had a good month on Wii and DS, with Just Dance, Lego Harry Potter, and Toy Story 3 all charting for Wii and DS. EA and Activision were completely absent from the top ten this month which is fairly amazing given their market share in the USA over the long term.

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Seece (on 17 July 2010)

I don't understand why the 360 is going to start falling, yet the Wii isn't?

ethomaz (on 16 July 2010)

@Cueil read the IGN article: PS3 is just fine after June... May it had issues yet... the increasing sales of June was because this.

BoneArk (on 16 July 2010)

I'm not surprised Microsoft won June with the new model. I thought the gap between the 360 and the Wii would be bigger.

spynx (on 16 July 2010)

surprise at the ps3's increment over the previous month. Well done 360 and a win for the hardcore.

kowenicki (on 16 July 2010)

bit confused... if many of the 360 sales were old systems then why didnt their bundled games chart? does NPD count bundled games?

Soonerman (on 16 July 2010)

lol @ the PSP

PSwii60 (on 16 July 2010)

i'm two of those 360 sales: one for my gf (arcade) and mine (slim); i'm just glad microsoft convinced me enough to buy slim... i would've bought one a long time ago but rrod terrifies me

Cueil (on 16 July 2010)

@ethomaz PS3 hasn't had supply issues since the beginning of May

Cueil (on 16 July 2010)

don't forget that most of the 50 off Xbox 360's had 2 games already packaged with them

Darth Tigris (on 15 July 2010)

E3 comes along and people start buying up consoles like crazy. Strange ...

ethomaz (on 15 July 2010)

PS3 has no more supply issues.

sully1311 (on 15 July 2010)

Why did PS3 numbers increase so much as well. Sweet numbers for the 360!