Americas Preorder Charts - 12th Sep 09

by Brett Walton, posted on 15 September 2009 / 18,809 Views

Modern Warfare 2 and Halo 3: ODST continue to dominate the preorder charts this week, both adding more than 200,000 preorders this week alone. ODST is looking good for a week one of over 2 million in the Americas - certainly better than many have been expecting.

Pos Game  Platform  Preorders Weekly Change Weeks to Release
1 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 X360     1,227,922   147,224 9
2 Halo 3: ODST X360     1,210,990   214,504 2
3 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 PS3        400,207     57,926 9
4 Assassin's Creed II X360        174,742     17,520 10
5 Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 X360        141,606     32,241 1
6 Assassin's Creed II PS3        108,999     13,469 10
7 Tekken 6 PS3        107,163      5,004 7
8 Forza Motorsport 3 X360          95,676     12,566 7
9 Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 PS3          92,907     15,546 1
10 Left 4 Dead 2 X360          86,346     10,287 10
11 Uncharted 2: Among Thieves PS3          83,382      8,964 5
12 Dragon Age: Origins X360          82,320      4,049 8
13 Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days DS          81,132     15,928 3
14 New Super Mario Bros. Wii Wii          75,750     13,398 10
15 Scribblenauts DS          70,940      7,237 1
16 NBA 2K10 X360          70,861     12,945 4
17 Tekken 6 X360          69,195      4,051 7
18 Demon's Souls PS3          64,590      5,874 4
19 NBA 2K10 PS3          57,226      7,305 4
20 Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 PS3          56,027      7,588 3
21 NHL 10 X360          52,395     11,255 1
22 Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction X360          50,962      2,762 N/A
23 Bakugan: Battle Brawlers DS          48,600      6,006 6
24 Dragon Age: Origins PS3          46,524      5,442 10
25 Brutal Legend X360          44,698      5,308 5
26 Mass Effect 2  X360          42,412      2,678 N/A
27 Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story DS          41,083     10,854 1
28 Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time PS3          38,538      4,186 7
29 Need for Speed: Shift PS3          38,143      8,925 1
30 Need for Speed: Shift X360          38,057      9,705 1
31 Wet X360          34,689      7,031 1
32 Wet PS3          33,971      6,473 1
33 BioShock 2 X360          33,060      2,544 N/A
34 NHL 10 PS3          33,042      7,240 1
35 Borderlands X360          31,944      6,313 5
36 Toy Story Mania! Wii          31,453      4,718 1
37 Shin Megami Tensei: Persona PSP          31,094      2,693 2
38 Battlefield: Bad Company 2 X360          30,745      4,488 N/A
39 Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 Wii          30,620      7,112 1
40 Alpha Protocol X360          30,031      3,218 6


Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 now has over 250,000 preorders and looks good for an opening of 400-500,000 next week. Scribblenauts, Need For Speed: Shift, Mario & Luigi, Wet, NHL 10 and Toy Story Mania also head up the biggest release week of the year so far.

You can see last weeks chart here, and be sure to check back next week for the latest movers and shakers.

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finchi100 (on 20 September 2009)

left 4 dead 2 sales will shoot up after odst comes out then again after mw2 big time. It will probaly be the 3rd top dog after MW2 and odst

Lurker (on 19 September 2009)

People are probably overestimating Uncharted 2 in sales like every PS3 game. It'll maybe do Killzone numbers.

TiagoCosta (on 18 September 2009)

I did the pre order of the Collector Pack of halo odst in europe yesterday, I think i will pre order left 4 dead 2 or borderlands (i will buy the 2 but not day one) and i don´t now when persona come out in europe

Smashed (on 17 September 2009)

Is it really surprising a halo game has that many preorders?

TheTruthHurts! (on 17 September 2009)

Amazing ODST pre-orders.

huaxiong90 (on 17 September 2009)

Nah, Uncharted 2 won't bomb, don't worry.

Gabriel84 (on 17 September 2009)

WOW at the preorders of ODST and MW2.

Seece (on 17 September 2009)

trestres says: By next week, there will only by 2 DS games, 1 PSP and 1 Wii game on that list. I count 12 games exiting the list next week. So there will be a fair amount of new games on the list.

kopstudent89 (on 17 September 2009)

Alot of new releases this week, so we should see alot of new games in the chart... very exciting

penguin (on 17 September 2009)

Why is GTA "Episodes from Liberty City" not yet in the USA chart ? can't belive Anybody will rather pay for the download of the excellent looking game "The ballard of gay Tony" on it's own when they can get both games on one disc for less than the price of 1 game and GTA4 original disc is not needed ,also the disc is released the same day, October 29th.... Info here -

3rdbass (on 17 September 2009)

I don't think Uncharted 2 will bomb. It is high in both Amazon and Gamestop. I know VG Chartz is all we have but I'm not sure I will totally rely on them to see how well a game does. UC2 will probably do around 650K to 750K in the first month. I'm sure it will rival MGS4. Unfortunately for the PS3 there user base is too small compared to XBOX 360 and Wii to really compete with them at this time. What hurts the PS3 user base also is that a lot of the owners only have a PS3 to play Blu-rays.

luckey_001 (on 16 September 2009)

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CortezTheKiller (on 16 September 2009)

OUCH for Uncharted 2. It can't bomb, surely? But that is a shockingly bad figure with five weeks to go.

haxxiy (on 16 September 2009)

That's insane. MW2 will do Halo numbers on the X360 and PS3 will beat X360's CoD:WaW.

huaxiong90 (on 16 September 2009)

To clarify, it's going to be on Xbox 360 and PC first. Then, 2 weeks later, it'll be on PS3.

huaxiong90 (on 16 September 2009)

@Dirty: 1. Yes. 2. As for the Episodes from Liberty City, the retail version releases on October 29. I don't think they're available for pre-order (I could be wrong).

DirtyP2002 (on 16 September 2009)

2 questions: 1. Is Dragon Age Origins a timed Xbox360 exclusive? Just for two weeks? 2. Where is "stories from Liberty city? or however the game is called? THX

getrdone (on 16 September 2009)

UC2 should see a nice boost next week because of the pre-order demo. It used to barely be in the top 50 but now its #2 at gamestop.

AnthonyW86 (on 16 September 2009)

Remember this is the American pre-order chart, first Uncharted didn't have a great start in America either, but still ended up 1 million+. Also pre-orders for UC2 might be higher for Europe.

binary solo (on 16 September 2009)

What's happening with UC2 advertising in America? The pre-orders don't seem to be that flash for a game receiving such high pre-release praise from the gaming punditocracy. It musn't be filtering through to the general gaming public.

CaptDS9E (on 16 September 2009)

I love how people posting how ODST won't see in Europe. Halo 3 sold almost 3 million copies there. not 30,000

soupdawg30 (on 16 September 2009)

As a PS3 owner I feel preordering is useless. The games never sell out so why preorder?

scat398 (on 16 September 2009)

Some pretty sad comments in here from some of the odst haters, especially from the euro's. Sorry some of us aren't into racing sims but get over it we like halo, shooters, and great multiplayer. Leave the negative comments at the door.

craighopkins (on 15 September 2009)

@sebnob Yea 360 COD is 3:1 over PS because the PS controller sucks for FPS's I have both systems and prefer the 360 versions because of the controller and most of my friends have Xbox-live

zibeddy (on 15 September 2009)

predictions...1st week halo = 2 mil warfare 2 360 = 3mil warfare 2 ps3 = 1.5 mil uncharted 2 = 1 mil

snyperdud (on 15 September 2009)

Uncharted 2 needs to step it up in pre-orders in the coming weeks. Below 100k with 5 weeks to go is not good.

Townzy (on 15 September 2009)

Dayumm COD 4 should hit 2.6m First week in Americas on 360 probably 3.8m On both Consoles Halo 3 ODST should hit 1.8m - 2.0m+ Assasins Creed 600K on 360. some big weeks coming up. When does bioshock release is it not in october?. This is now the best chart on this site, cant wait to see Reach, GT5, FF and GOW 3 numbers

luckey (on 15 September 2009)

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monlosez (on 15 September 2009)

Modern Warfare 2 is huge. Alot people are still playing COD4 over COD5. They are switching now. I am laughing at NFS: Shift PS3 version being higher than X360 version.

NightDragon83 (on 15 September 2009)

@Angelv577... that's like saying you have a Wii, but you don't understand why people love Mario and Zelda games. Most 360 owners love Halo because that is the consoles flagship franchise, and one of the few reasons they bought the original Xbox back in the day. I prefer the more recent CoD games to Halo as well, but if it wasn't for Halo, there wouldn't be a 360.

Angelv577 (on 15 September 2009)

I have a xbox 360, but I don't understand why people like halo too much, I prefer call of duty modern warfare 2.

TheTruthHurts! (on 15 September 2009)

@ comments always make me feel sad........for you. Master Chief apologized for sleeping with your Sister.....get over it!

sebnod (on 15 September 2009)

This numbers are for NA, but where are these nubers come from? abracadabra and M$ gives you what you want. Sure Uncharted 2 will make better after the poor storm overhyped ODST would be launch. ODST made buy NA only for NA. Sorry but in Japn, Europe and rest of the world, we don't care.

1337 Gamer (on 15 September 2009)

wow look at the sales difference between MW2 on xbox 360 and PS3?!! thats an insane difference

TheTruthHurts! (on 15 September 2009)

Wow, ODST and MW2 pre-orders are insane. @ all the Halo hate. I take it as a compliment....... just goes to show how awesome Halo is, it brings out the best and worst in people (wink).

Lit09 (on 15 September 2009)

dolemit3 says: I only count three Wii titles and one of them is a Mario game. No wonder Nintendo is so desperate to drop the price of the Wii. What are you talking about desperate? This is the first time they drop the price in 3 years in the market....

dolemit3 (on 15 September 2009)

I only count three Wii titles and one of them is a Mario game. No wonder Nintendo is so desperate to drop the price of the Wii.

heruamon (on 15 September 2009)

Those are crazy numbers for the 360!

JaggedSac (on 15 September 2009)

Excellent to see the Halo series still going strong. Halo Reach should provide another damn healthy title for the 360 next year.

darthdevidem01 (on 15 September 2009)

@seece lol wut? COD > HALO now right? also surely pre-orders increase as we get near the games release @outlawauron I REALLY don't know how Demon's Souls is gaining such "BIG" pre-orders in america......but I think it may be extremely front loaded

jon1138 (on 15 September 2009)

I'll buy Divinity 2 Ego Draconis (release on october 15th here in France), Brutal Legend and Alpha Protocol. MW2 ? i'm not interested : it's AGAIN a classic FPS : "bang bang boom boom", no story, no longivity...

outlawauron (on 15 September 2009)

Continue on Demon's Souls!

Uberkiffer (on 15 September 2009)

@pollus My point is, it surprised me to see what many PS fans claim to be 'the' platformer for their console, and a title that was bundled with the console for many months, being beat in sales by a co-op zombie slayer game. The upcoming preorders suggest that trend will continue with the 2nd iteration of each game. The way alot of PS fans spout off about how badass and cool UC/UC2 is, I would have fully expected it to be more of a sw mover than a zombie shooter that seemingly flies under the radar.

Soriku (on 15 September 2009)


DirtyP2002 (on 15 September 2009)

@Seece this is stupid. We won't see a drop on MW2 pre-orders after Halo ODST. The worst case scenario would be a slower increase, but no way the pre-orders will drop. But I don't think they will slow down anytime soon either.... Well ... maybe adjustments, but adjustments are unpredictable anyway.^^

donsterydo2 (on 15 September 2009)

X360 MW2 - 9 weeks x 150k ~ 1.35m of additional preorders + 1.2m = 2.55m of MW2 preorders on X360, will we get about 5m of MW2 on X360 first week in US ?

piggychan (on 15 September 2009)

: Iron_mega Thats pretty much how I feel.. gonna pre-order MW2 but not sure about ODST

BoneArk (on 15 September 2009)

Sequels rule the gaming industry. The top 10 all have a number after the name.

epinefridis (on 15 September 2009)

My god! This is worse than a bad joke. It is getting closer and closer to n4g levels. When "Halo" is typed, people in this site go berserk. Can't stand reading at comments anymore. All this hate. This is pathetic...

PullusPardus (on 15 September 2009)

@Uber and your point is...?

libellule (on 15 September 2009)

NA propaganda at his best ... look the FM3 or UC2 preorder : pathetic

iron_megalith (on 15 September 2009)

Preordered my MW2 for 360... I don't know if I should get ODST cause that'll be toooo much FPS to play.

Uberkiffer (on 15 September 2009)

I'm pretty sure that L4D2 would outsell UC2 no matter what console it was on. L4D supposedly sold in between 3.6-3.9 million copies thus far, and at E3 2009, Sony said that UC had sold just over 2.6 million. It looks to me that L4D is simply a better franchise. L4D metacritic score: 89. UC metacritic score: 88. It's close in metacritic, with an edge to L4D, but in sales.. L4D>UC. Pwnd.

Kantor (on 15 September 2009)

@Uberkiffer: In America, yes, a zombie FPS on 360 will outsell an action adventure/exploration game on PS3.

Uberkiffer (on 15 September 2009)

Wow. 10 Left 4 Dead 2 X360 86,346 10,287 10 wks left 11 Uncharted 2: Among Thieves PS3 83,382 8,964 5 wks left L4D2 > UC2 nuff said

Seece (on 15 September 2009)

Think we'll see a massive dop in pre orders for MW2 after ODST comes out. The people that are buying ODST are likely buying MW2, so they're pre ordering both at the same time.

welshbloke (on 15 September 2009)

When I see big Halo numbers like this I keep feeling dirty. As a 360 owner I only own Gears 1(Never even finished it), does this make me a bad person. I am actually seriously thinking of Pre Ordering MW2 now. The last online play footage made me actually believe this is more than a COD4 Mod by the makers of the game.

Barozi (on 15 September 2009)

Oh wow fanboys trolling because of Halo. How original......

Rawnchie14 (on 15 September 2009)

@ sebnod It's a matter of taste. Whether you believe it or not, not everyone has the same taste as you do. Oh the shock, right? ...and why would someone want a driving SIM on a portable device? Has any racing game done well on a portable device aside from Mario Kart? That explains PSP GT's less than awesome numbers.

raspymanik (on 15 September 2009)

@blackmoor gt5= beter lookin gt1

Blackmoor (on 15 September 2009)

ODST = overpriced expansion pack?

woopah (on 15 September 2009)

by looking at these charts you forget that wii and DS are software monsters

darthdevidem01 (on 15 September 2009)

yeah kowenicki its sad they should announce GT5 already so we can see it on this pre orders list

kowenicki (on 15 September 2009)

well those GT PSP figures arent going to improve much looking at the 2 reviews we have... poor.

aragod (on 15 September 2009)

@sebnod yeah that's exactly what I though, hell it will be for xth time the same, NA is pretty much the only region when it will sell well, maybe for except australia and UK, rest of europe doesn't give a crap about Halo

raspymanik (on 15 September 2009)

3,518,681 xbox preorders in the top 40 1,160,719 ps3 prorders in the top 40 go xbox go

trestres (on 15 September 2009)

By next week, there will only by 2 DS games, 1 PSP and 1 Wii game on that list.

zibeddy (on 15 September 2009)

anyone from the uk who wants a uncharted beta key, go get one from ign theres 14,000.

DOLBYdigital (on 15 September 2009)

Looking at this list makes you realize why every other big name game that comes out is a shooter. So tired of that trend but there's not much I can do about it ;)

darthdevidem01 (on 15 September 2009)

eww @ GT:PSP why is it tanking so hard!

sully1311 (on 15 September 2009)

@kowenicki i dont think anybody doubted it, i surely didn't, they just doubt it will b a big system seller. good to see those numbers of preorders 4 it!

ioi (on 15 September 2009)

Gran Turismo PSP - 15,225

DirtyP2002 (on 15 September 2009)

@aragod Yeah like the 2.7 million who bought Halo 3 in Europe / Others. Almost 1million did so in its first week.

kowenicki (on 15 September 2009)

why did anyone doubt ODST? Why?

tio_coyote (on 15 September 2009)

wow, ODST may be even bigger than Halo 3...and what can I say about COD, just the 3rd party franchise of this gen without doubt (last gen was GTA)

Staude (on 15 September 2009)

Tekken 6 !

aragod (on 15 September 2009)

@DirtyP2002 What do you mean 3 mil first week worldwide? Noone outside NA will buy it...

RPG (on 15 September 2009)

Is GT PSP being tracked? I find it hard to digest a Persona game having more pre-orders in comparison to a Gran Turismo title.

XxXProphecyXxX (on 15 September 2009)

@noobie nope it's not xbox360 owner's are just crazy when it comes to BIG BRAND shooters. Also very surprised by Demon souls performance.

Noobie (on 15 September 2009)

COD for PS3 has less than half the preorders of COD of XBOX360.? is this correct :S

sabby_e17 (on 15 September 2009)

Wow I'm surprised at Demon's Souls pre-order numbers.

almcchesney (on 15 September 2009)

@ silicon yea u are right people in america go ape shit for a big name FPS

almcchesney (on 15 September 2009)

yea metroid sold pretty badly with little reserves, demons souls is a new ip and has been getting good reception, but still maybe a little high. Looks like activision is gonna make their 2M for Call of duty.

silicon (on 15 September 2009)

@dirty, definitely a chance Worldwide since these charts are only for America.

DirtyP2002 (on 15 September 2009)

Has Halo ODST a chance to do 3million first week worldwide? And if those numbers are accurate I really start to think that Modern Warfare2 might top 4 million first week on Xbox360.

ioi (on 15 September 2009)

@Lafiel Based on how Metroid Prime Trilogy performed (and some others) I think some of the smaller hardcore games might be a little inflated on this list - such as Demon Souls. I'm trying to tweak some of the methodology to fix this but it wouldn't suprise me if we weren't a little high on that title.

--OkeyDokey-- (on 15 September 2009)

Why does Marvel have so many preorders? There's zero hype. I wouldn't even know of its existence if it weren't for these charts.

Lafiel (on 15 September 2009)

Demon's Souls seems to be heading for a over 100k first week, impressive

epinefridis (on 15 September 2009)

HALO is big, but MW2 on 360 gonna be INSANE... Man... I know it is a bit irrelevant but look at the CoD numbers and check out Uncharted 2 numbers (easily the best game graphically for this gen till now). Hardcore goes to another dimension.

silicon (on 15 September 2009)

Wow the numbers drop fast after Halo 3: ODST A lot of games coming out next week with pre-orders less then 100k X360 + PS3. People in America just love big name FPS games I guess

AFFLICTION (on 15 September 2009)

MW2 on 360 is a beast