Jack Thompson Asks President Obama For Ban On Killer Games

by Stephen Kelley, posted on 23 March 2009 / 19,055 Views


Original post at Popzara Blogs :

By: Brittany Vincent

Jack Thompson , for better or worse, will not be silenced. Though many do not agree with his methods, all can agree that he is one who knows how to play the game that is mainstream media. Mr. Thompson knows that the quickest way to fire up both journos and the gaming industry as a whole is to hit it directly where it hurts. Say what you will about his methods, but the fact that the man never feels the need to censor himself nor cater to what the masses want to hear from him is indeed admirable. Much to the chagrin of many (misinformed) gamers, Jack is back. Hot on the heels of recent Utah legislature's passing of House Bill 353 (a bill that would amend and improve upon Utah's Truth in Advertising Law), Jack has become enraged at the fact that the good citizens of the United States have the audacity to voice their opinions regarding such a bill. In turn, he's made a respectable move, going straight to the man who should, in theory, be able to get a plan set in motion - President Obama.

In a heated letter that calls out violent video games as "murder simulators", Thompson has requested that Obama implement a total ban on all violent video games. Not just from children, but for all gamers, adults and children alike. While our president  has quite a few more important things on his plate at the moment rather than settling an argument between Jack and his "murder simulator" supporters, this letter is quite an interesting look into Thompson's struggle to keep violent games out of the hands of the innocent children.

Thompson's letter to Obama makes mention of the recent massacre in Germany and speculation that the killer "trained on Mature-rated games" for the event. He goes on to mention that his appearances on both the Today show and 60 Minutes were precursors to all the violence that would soon occur across the country and throughout the world - both events in his life where he tried his best to warn the general public of its impending video game-related doom.

Because the gaming industry is obviously crippled by the fact that vendors do not follow their own regulations regarding sale of adult materials to minors, it's obvious (in Jack's eyes) that the only real solution is to restrict sale of all violent video games to every individual, regardless of age. According to Thompson, "an industry, then, that will not keep its adult products from children, while claiming it does, must be deprived of its opportunity to sell these adult products to anyone."

He lauds pending Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke for signing into law one of the first video game laws in the nation while serving as the Governor of Washington - he believes that Locke is the perfect candidate to investigate the restriction and complete outlawing of "murder simulators" across America. Ending with a plead to Obama from "one father to another," he reiterates that it is his goal to see every "killer game" banned under the Obama administration.

Though I cannot agree with Thompson's opinions showcased in this particular letter, I can understand and respect the fact that he truly believes violent gaming is the root of so many tragedies across the globe. As much as I hate to admit it, it's very possible that the titles the individuals involved with the particular cases involved could well have been caused by gaming, though he neglects to mention the fact that many other factors have been - and always will be - in play when it comes to criminal activity. A total ban on every single violent video game? I strongly believe that every single individual, especially in this country, should have the right to purchase what he or she deems appropriate or worthy of consumption. Adults can and should be granted the legal power to choose when, where, and what they purchase or enjoy. However, the restriction of violent titles for children is a completely respectable endeavor that I can fully support Mr. Thompson in. I do have this to say, however: in the end, we all make our own choices. When we cannot think for ourselves due to the interference of government, where are we as a country? As a people? I have to wonder if Mr. Thompson took this into account when penning this particular letter.

Here's the letter in its entirety. What's your take on the situation? Could Thompson's words have a pronounced influence on the Obama administration? It's highly unlikely, but only time will tell:





Dear Mr. President:

Recently a German teenager methodically authored a massacre at his school, and like the perpetrator of a nearly identical earlier massacre in Erfurt, Germany, he trained on Mature-rated video games to both incite and train for this mass killing.

Now the head of German's national police union has called for a total ban throughout Germany of these virtual reality murder simulators that have been repeatedly linked to such senseless massacres. He is right to do so.

In early April 1999, I appeared on NBC's Today show with the parents of the three girls killed in their Paducah, Kentucky Heath High School by a fourteen-year-old video gamer who trained to kill them on Doom. When Matt Lauer asked me what I feared most from what we had learned in Paducah, I told him that we feared other boys in other American high schools would train on the same murder simulator to kill even more students. One week later, Columbine's Klebold and Harris made that awful prediction come true.

That is why I have been on CBS' 60 Minutes twice, both upon the request of the late and great Ed Bradley, to warn the nation that more Columbines are on the way.

There have been enough murders caused by violent video games that if I were to list in this letter the names of the victims, those names would more than fill the remainder of this page and all of the next.

Since 1999, I believe it is fair to say I have led the charge around the globe to keep these mature- and adult-rated games out of the hands of underage kids. I wrote the bill to do just that, passed unanimously by both houses of the Louisiana legislature, which was signed into law by Democrat Governor Blanco, only to have the video game industry blackmail that state into not defending that constitutional law in federal court.

I have more recently drafted House Bill 353, which both houses of the Utah legislature have overwhelmingly passed, and it awaits Gov. Huntsman's signing of it into law. All this bill does is amend Utah's already existing Truth in Advertising Law in telling purveyors of mature and adult entertainment that if they say to the public they do not sell their age-restricted products to children, then they must keep that promise. Otherwise, they are engaged in fraudulent, deceptive, untruthful advertising.

What has been the entertainment industry's response to this clearly constitutional and straight-forward bill? They have bombarded Gov. Huntsman with lies that completely misrepresent the bill, but even more remarkably (how is one truly surprised by a new wave of fraud from a fraudulent industry?), an organization calling itself the National Coalition against Censorship is telling Gov. Huntsman that "minors have a First Amendment right to adult entertainment." The lunacy of such a statement is precisely what the Entertainment Software Association itself actually believes, but it has only said that under cover of federal pleadings in federal court cases challenging constitutional video game bills.

Both the Entertainment Software Association and the Entertainment Software Rating Board are spending countless dollars doing all that they can to avoid strict compliance with their own age ratings on games. The United States Federal Trade Commission repeatedly documents the breaking of both the movie and the video game industries' promises made to the nation after Columbine. The latest lies coming out of both the ESA and the ESRB to try to intimidate first the Utah legislature and now Governor Huntsman are shocking, as they reveal an industry that has absolutely no behavior compass but that provided by greed. The video game industry makes Wall Street crooks look like a bunch of Mother Teresa clones.

Therefore, this industry's continuing mendacity, coupled with the recurring mass murders in Germany and in the United States and elsewhere linked to these games, has caused me, after ten years of leading this battle against the mental molestation of minors for money, to rethink and revise my goal. Heretofore I have taken the video game industry's word that it does not want kids to get adult products. The industry has finally caused me to shed, in the last few days, my propensity to give it the benefit of the doubt.

What they are now doing in Utah shows that what must be done in the United States is what is about to be done in Germany. If the video game industry will not do what is necessary to keep killer games out of the hands of impressionable kids, whom neuroscience proves are the most likely to copycat these virtual reality killing scenarios, then we must implement, as a society, a total ban on the consumption of these murder simulators by adults and kids alike.

An industry that uses fraud to get adult games, that are age-rated, into the hands of kids by using those age ratings as a deceptive fraud rather than as a real shield to prevent the grand theft innocence of our children, has used up all the trust and goodwill extended it since Columbine. An industry that will not do what is necessary to protect children from the harm its product causes has forfeited any "right" to conduct its business as usual. An industry that insists children have a constitutional right to purchase adult products is nothing more than a band of thuggish pirates like those operating off the Somali coast.

An industry, then, that will not keep its adult products from children, while claiming it does, must be deprived of its opportunity to sell these adult products to anyone. This is the price this industry must pay for more than a decade of deception and death.

Game over.

I am not the only person who believes this must be done. There are indeed those within the video game industry itself who are appalled by the fact that the ESA, the entity that speaks for the entire industry, is so cavalier in thumbing its nose at parents and their children. They know that the video game industry is one more Virginia Tech away from commercial annihilation.

Your own soon-to-be confirmed Secretary of Commerce, Gary Locke, knows how dangerous these murder simulators are and how deceptive are the video game industry's marketing practices. He, as Governor of Washington, signed into law one of the nation's first video game laws on whose behalf I testified in Olympia a number of years ago. As a Republican, I am delighted that Mr. Locke will be heading Commerce, which has been so heavily involved in documenting the continuing marketing of violent entertainment to children since President Clinton asked it to do so after the heartache of Columbine.

Secretary Locke will be an excellent person to study this problem anew, and I hope, if you ask him to look at this issue, he will then recommend to you and your Administration a total nationwide ban on these killer games that I now, this very day, seek.

I conclude by asking you, one father to another, to take the bold moves necessary to get these murder simulators out of America. We have more guns than people in this country. We are training our teens to be Manchurian Candidates to use them and to author what will be more Columbines, more Virginia Techs, and more shattered communities.

Regards, Jack Thompson

PS: Your first judicial nominee, David Hamilton, upheld as constitutional Indianapolis' clearly constitutional video game law. This fact serves to show that this judge of your choosing is in tune with what has been my legal position on these matters as well. I am certain Judge Hamilton would consider as utterly absurd the position of the video game industry that minors have a constitutional right to purchase adult products.

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luckey (on 16 September 2009)

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Pwnzerfaust (on 14 April 2009)

If violent video games are banned here, I'll just torrent them. If I can't buy them legally, I'll get them some other way.

Batman...WTF? (on 29 March 2009)

Wow. Just... Wow.

Netyaroze (on 29 March 2009)

That shit is happening in Germany for a long time. In the media there are always complaints about video games. They want even to forbid to produce such games (Killergames). And put the producers in Jail (at least in Bavaria) The media (Tv Channels, Newspapers, Radio), is critizing the game industry especially Counter Strike and GTA. There is a discussion on TV and shortly after this they bring the Game of the Week (Call of Duty) and then a ton of GTA 4 Commercials. They are very strict in Germany with FPS. You can buy them only with 18. In the PS1 Era they cutted a lots of games. So they could be bought at 16 but now since almost every violent game is 18 rated they dont cut as much as they had before. But even if they cutted a game you can buy all this games uncut on Amazon or from Austria. But since Winnenden (BTW 80km from here) they want to forbid all violent games. Even for Adults. I hope that the US wont listen to such idiots like we are. The real problems are the weapons but even in Germany (which has the strictest Arms Act on earth) is it possible so the only solution is to ban all weapons. But then again the kids could build bombs with informations from the net and some chemical skills. I dont think that the drugs are the problem at least in Germany cause noone of the school massacre Boys took drugs. In Germany is Meth not yet a big problem like in the US here the kids only take downers so they wont have energy to kill someone. I guess the main reason for the massacres is the fame they get in the media. If they do something like that they will get attention from the whole world. The Killers in Germany were all calm unpopular educated kids with no girlfriends and Counterstrike on their Computers. As I know they dont even played consoles. The evidence that the last killer trained with video games was that he had Counterstrike on his computer (like Million other Kids) . If America bans all violent Videogames then in Europe they will be already banned and then the market will be gone and they wont be produced anymore so nobody gets them. Then violent Videogames will be banned like most of the drugs since the fifties have been banned. I see that coming in the next 20 years if videogames are going to be more and more realistic with super realistic graphics and advanced motion controls and new type of visualization so you can actually be in the game like the old VR Games but on an other Level. Then I can imagine that such kind of games wont be seen anymore as a harmless entertainment more like a real threat to the human mind cause you can act like in the real life and shoot people which will almost look like real humans.

K-DOGG (on 28 March 2009)

why don't you ban cars, planes,boats, and eartquakes in California

JimmytheT (on 28 March 2009)

AH Jack Thompson, the disbarred attorney, who still likes to blame all the world's violence on video games. He's so fanatical about his cause, that I wouldn't be surprised if he blamed video games for the Charlie Whitman tower shootings at the University of Texas in Austin in 1966. I wish THompson would just go away, as any inkling of credibility he may have had was gone when he was disbarred.

XanderZane (on 28 March 2009)

He might as well get rid of violent movies, televisions, the war and sports completely. There's violence everywhere, even in the News. Is he going to ban all that stuff as well. Does this idiot not realize there are other forms of violence kids could easily get their hands on? Jack is on CRACK. Look at his face. He looks like a psycho Willy Wonka. lol!!

Smashed (on 28 March 2009)

That guy looks like a killer himself, from the looks of it.

RockSmith372 (on 28 March 2009)

he won't for many reasons. 1. The idea itself is retarded. Getting rid of violent games does not end violence. It may actually create more hostility 2. Economic Crisis is too fragile to be getting rid of a whole media catagory 3. Jack Thompson is a pussy and no one takes him seriously anymore

Spoon! (on 28 March 2009)

@kylie The enforcement is the same. If you get caught selling something that is restricted to a minor you get in trouble, be it a movie, video game or cigarettes. The industry doesn't control the retail outlets and shouldn't be responsible for the people who do not follow the rules. It's like charging a brewery when the beer store doesn't ask for I.D.

Sicilian. (on 28 March 2009)

if obama bans video games... I hope he dies... I mean i dont really care for him but if he does that yeah he sucks... I doubt he will though.

Yoshi-1up (on 28 March 2009)

What a freakin retarded butt monkey. If you take away violent videogames you have to take away violence in books, violent movies, showing TRUE war (history books/vids) Because they can all do the same thing. Those kids were f***ed up in the head in the first place. Don't blame videogames. And if you do, Final Destination. No Items. No fun. Go knit a scarf and watch the sunset FOREVER. Hello

bboyhan_link (on 28 March 2009)

that's stupid, what about the parents of those guys who allow them use weapons and do that training? they didn't know? well, then the problem is in family education and comunication, not because I play "no more heroes" I'm gonna take a sword and kill people, they have mental disorder and we ALL have to pay the consequences

Omega_Phazon_Pirate. (on 28 March 2009)

@ KylieDog, no the rating system for video games is supposed to restrict certain video games for certain people. Key words, "supposed to" but there are many under aged people who can still buy T and M rated video games. However that is not the video game industry's fault, that is merely the fault of the person working at retail who is selling the games. I remember I was told by someone at EB they couldn't sell Diablo 2 to one guy who was 16, turning 17 the next week, just because they could get in seriously crap. @ Coasterlover, again my point was, you are singling those people out who had good points (and are also thankfully a majority), and only pointing out the one/two people that have posted threats/death wishes (not ten lol, but nice try). Lastly, I never said you agreed or supported him, I was just arguing against your point.

Kantor (on 28 March 2009)


SlayerOfYetis (on 28 March 2009)

Do we make our choices, or do our choices make us? Sorry, couldn't resist.

KylieDog (on 28 March 2009)

@Spoon! No, movies have age ratings and a much stricter system. The age ratings for games is largely ignored, or refenced as a guideline only rather than an actual age requirement.

revovichfan12 (on 28 March 2009)

This guy is an idiot. He's been going at this for years and he has no life. This is obviously a problem going back for years with him probably because his mom wouldn't buy him a NES so he wants to get back at everyone else! This will never happen...with the state of the economy, if you take out violent games then there will be a MASSIVE jobloss and there WILL be a ripple-effect throughout the ENTIRE entertainment industry. Sony is showing signs of struggle these past two years, they need every penny they can get. If this isn't thrown right into the trash IF obama even chooses to read it then there will be a major protest and i'm giving obama the benefit of the doubt to know what this would do to our economy once again

indodude (on 28 March 2009)

He complains about so many fucking guns, yet he asks a ban on its virtual counterpart made up of pixels? lololololololol

Spoon! (on 25 March 2009)

@Kyliedog. actually he's wrong; at least in Canada. All video games come with a rating and there is just so much you can do to make sure that minors don't get their hands on them. I mean these games are expensive, so the kids are most likely getting the money from their parents and if the parents let them buy games marked mature now then no law will change it. In the end it is up to the parents to monitor their own children and try to teach them morality.

ProChaoS (on 25 March 2009)

BAN this f.ucking Jack.

KylieDog (on 25 March 2009)

[i]""an industry, then, that will not keep its adult products from children, while claiming it does, must be deprived of its opportunity to sell these adult products to anyone.""[/i] Say what you want about him but he is right with thi statement. If this was porn being sold to children there would be an uproar about it. Sadly many still have a mentality that all games are 'for kids'. However, he should be asking for much stricter systems of sale instead of this 'ban all' nonsense.

Spoon! (on 24 March 2009)

He lost his license to practice law in Florida, he blamed the Virginia Tech shootings on video games without any proof; can anyone believe anything he says?

Kuro_Neko_13 (on 24 March 2009)

ROFL @ the failure at life that Jack Thompson is. Jack in MadWorld >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Jack Thompson

Retrasado (on 24 March 2009)

The J man said: "In fact has anyone noticed that there hasnt been a major war since the nes?" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- rofl. OT: ummm.... what is he thinking? Thsi can't be real, there's no way... can it?

LordTheNightKnight (on 24 March 2009)

"Why doesn't jack Thompson asks Obama to ban guns if he is so strongly opposed to violence ? :P" That's not as newsworthy.

Daddo Splat (on 24 March 2009)

kids shouldnt be able to get guns the parents in columbine had no Idea thier kids were stockpiling weapons how do you not know????? games and movies and martial arts training. Columbine got the movie the Matrix in trouble and yes they played videogames also. lets face it murder took place long before videogames, I mean wh do you do to stop Hitler and all the other psychopaths in history??? limit books,limit thought, limit imagination???? or just realize some people come out bent and broke and a combination of home life and social life school ,work ect. cause these people to do horrible things. Videogames training to kill or desensitizing to kill????? I've killed thousands in games but would take extreme circumstance's to so in real life. Like being attacked or my family being in harms way. still small children shouldt play mature games. I saw a 5-6 year old on a pc playing GTA san andreas thats crazy. Iam sure its hard for a child that small to understand the consequences of thier actions and that its just a game. still I wish Jack would go away and serial killers would stop playing games! or just stop killing.

coasterlove (on 24 March 2009)

Omega_Phazon_Pirate, Would you say that probably at least 10 people said something to the effect that he should be killed? That's a lot of idiots if you think about it. I also even later said in my original post that "some" of the people on here don't think. Now as to my personal feelings for him and his agenda, I don't agree with him but I didn't bother responding to that for a few reasons. 1. It was those saying he should be killed that caught my attention for it's stupidity. 2. I saw that everyone was already saying the obvious, how bad an idea it is and how they were upset at the idea. Since so many people already said that, I didn't feel like responding saying the same thing which basically turns out to be nothing more than saying "Yeah, me too" 3. It obviously will not happen so I don't even feel concerned by his idea for video games. Last, I'm a gamer and have been for about 25 years so the last thing I'd want is a ban of any sort on video games. Especially since I am an adult and like playing more than just family games or sports games. I like a Mature game once in a while as long is it a true mature game and not just because of violent content.

Omega_Phazon_Pirate. (on 24 March 2009)

@ coasterlove, you were saying/implying that most people in this thread were saying stuff like "off with his head," when really that group is in the major minority. It sounded like you were saying because we disagree with him and present valid points, we are automatically flaming him, which is stupid, this my original post ;).

johnlucas (on 24 March 2009)

@FreeTalkLive: You are right to say that there have been workarounds over the Constitution. I won't argue with you there. But remember the reality of Prohibition. If everybody breaks the law, that law can't be reasonably enforced. And therefore it will be overturned. The ESRB exists for a reason. It's for the industry to police itself. Kids shouldn't play certain games without parental involvement. Does that mean I think no kid should play Halo 3? Not true. But the parent in charge has to make that choice & decide if that particular child can handle a game like that. There's the case of that 8 year Halo tournament player who has been playing since age 2 & he does fine in school & everything. Then there are also teens who become unglued when parents take the system away because the teen got so involved with a online guild he lost touch with reality. As for the sales of the game, it should be strict by the ESRB rating. But if the parent buys for the kid with the knowledge the kid can handle it, then that's fine in my opinion. Case by case basis because everybody has different tolerances. I don't see videogames quite necessarily on the same level as alcohol & other drugs so while I do think there are some hard boundaries most of the decisions should be made by the guardian in charge. A ban is thoughtless in my opinion. I don't agree with Jack Thompson. John Lucas

Soul_tech10 (on 24 March 2009)

Obama has better things to do than making the economy worse! I wonder what the weapon is that get's used for all of these murders! A gun? maybe? Who knows, maybe by banning guns the world would be a better place! The games have nothing to do with it! I jack thompson gonna take GTA IV to the supreme court. This retarded retard is out of control now and has crossed the line! Obama...do millions of u a favour? SHUT HIM UP! (with some lead if possible)

coasterlove (on 24 March 2009)

Omega_Phazon_Pirate. says: @ coasterlove, yes and the stupidity in you has also been brought out. Most people in this thread have presented a valid point and then some, with the occasional "Jack must die" post which I do disagree with. I lost a lot of respect for Jack when he sent a letter to Zelnick's mother basically telling her how much of a bad mother she apparently was about 2 weeks before Mother's Day. On a side note, I bet he voted for McCain :P --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tell me where my stupidity came out. You say you agree with what I said about members saying that he should be shot/killed. And then you go on about some other unrelated topic that I didn't say anything about. So what was your point?

SnowFlow (on 24 March 2009)

Wont happen. Parents should control the games their kids play not the government.

Jinova (on 24 March 2009)

Maybe we should write a letter to President Obama and ask him to put a ban on ignorant, disbarred lawyers with no purpose in life. Wonder how old Jack would feel about that?

carmina2008 (on 24 March 2009)

ok quite

averyblund (on 24 March 2009)

Hey guys lets quit the calls for violence. We should all feel sorry for Jack. He is clearly a mentally ill man (see the Janet Reno incident). He needs help, not a bullet. Also shit like this- brought to you by Utah.

Araknie87 (on 24 March 2009)

Oh no, another crazy arian. If teens kills people it's fault of the society not of simply video games.

Slavedemonxi (on 24 March 2009)

This picture creeps me out...

Wookaroo (on 24 March 2009)

For all the people joking they'd kill him or something... He'd be a martyr then. That would be WORSE and proving his point, no?

GameOver22 (on 24 March 2009)

I love Jack Thompson; he is very consistent with his views and provides constant entertainment. He does have a valid point about selling videos to underage kids, and I would like to see this enforced more regularly. Realistically, I don't believe the government will step into this arena; state have tried to ban so called "inflammatory" books before, examples are Ulysses and Naked Lunch, but these efforts ultimately failed. I view video games in the same situation; they will not be banned, but the regulations(ratings) are there for a reason.

shams (on 24 March 2009)

This is gonna go down well :)

Vertigo-X (on 24 March 2009)

Jack Thompson said: "I am certain Judge Hamilton would consider as utterly absurd the position of the video game industry that minors have a constitutional right to purchase adult products." What. I wasn't aware of the ESRB allowing children to purchase, with their own hard earned money no less, M-rated games. This guy needs to be put down... He's just embarrassing himself way too much!

Mr. sickVisionz (on 23 March 2009)

All this nonsense would be avoided if the ESRB would stop pandering to publishers and really push that retailers only sell M rated games to people of age. But when X% of your money is made from selling M rated games to minors, I guess you would lobby against something like that... and so people like Jackie T will always have a speaking post.

slowmo (on 23 March 2009)

The simple reason he campaigns against games rather than guns is becsue the opposition he would face trying to disarm people in the US would be political suicide for him. The man is a hypocrite, he doesn't care so much about his crusade as the fame it brings him. Also I agree with one of the posters earlier, threatening to kill someone over this issue is hardly the right way to discredit his ignorance.

jesus kung fu magic (on 23 March 2009)

The J man is pretty sure there were no video games in the holocaust times..... In fact has anyone noticed that there hasnt been a major war since the nes?

FreeTalkLive (on 23 March 2009)

@darendt, You said, "Ban guns. Then they cant shoot anyone in real life. Problem solved." Unfortunately, there is no way to eliminate guns in US. There are hundreds of millions of guns in the US. Many gun manufactures are based in the US. Banning guns would hurt the economy of the US (there are 3 gun manufactures in my state). If the government banned guns, the gun would still exist. However, the people who owned them would be criminals. So that would prevent law abiding folks from defending their family and property. Crime would go up and everyone would be worse off.

Nintendo Fan Girl (on 23 March 2009)

*face palm* so sad, yet so fcking funny!!!!!

FreeTalkLive (on 23 March 2009)

@Thatmax, "If they wanna stop gun incidents shouldnt they ban actual guns rather than their virtual counterpart??" It would be much easier to ban videogames then guns in the US. However, both are protected by the US Constitution. On the other hand, banning guns wouldn't eliminate guns. Only people who don't break laws would own guns. Criminals would still own guns and more crime would be created around the illegal gun trade.

FreeTalkLive (on 23 March 2009)

@Only777, You said, "In BOTH Germany & Finland you can obtain guns legally with a permit. We also know that in America these sorts of shootings occure where the same type of permit scheme is in place. What does that tell you? BAN THE F'ing GUNS! If you allow the public to buy guns, sooner or later people will use them." Actually, in most of the US you don't need a permit to buy a gun. In New Hampshire (where I live), you don't need anything but cash to buy a gun. Also, people have the right to open carry a gun as long as they are 18 and not a felon. If you are under 18, you can also carry a gun but it has to be concealed and you have to pay $10 for a license. You cannot ban guns in the US as the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution is about protecting the right of US citizens to own and carry firearms. Anyway, it is not the guns that are the problem in the same way the entertainment didn't cause the problem. However, parents now teaching their children properly about guns and entertainment is a problem.

L.C.E.C. (on 23 March 2009)

Excuse me, Excuse me ladies and gentlemen: *Grabs megaphone and points it at jacks ugly face* FUCK YOU JACK THOMPSON! *Applause from the audience* Thank you, that is all.

Omega_Phazon_Pirate. (on 23 March 2009)

@ coasterlove, yes and the stupidity in you has also been brought out. Most people in this thread have presented a valid point and then some, with the occasional "Jack must die" post which I do disagree with. I lost a lot of respect for Jack when he sent a letter to Zelnick's mother basically telling her how much of a bad mother she apparently was about 2 weeks before Mother's Day. On a side note, I bet he voted for McCain :P

JoHnNyFr3sC0 (on 23 March 2009)

Havent they been trying to do this since gaming BEGAN...lol I remember them trying to Ban violent games when Doom came out...I think theres more important issues we need to be taking care of at the moment like the ECONOMY...he might get his wish anyways if this economy doesnt shape up...pretty soon no one will be paying to buy games if they dont have the money and job to do so!

Snypershawn (on 23 March 2009)

I'm confused, violent games are no good, but violent movies and Tv is fine? this guy needs to get off the games protest, I wonder what the real reason behind this is? Did some little kid do flawless victories and fatalities when he first tried to play Mortal kombat at the arcades, and its haunted him ever since? I think the real problem is there are rules and laws in place that are supposed to restrict kids from playing violent mature video games but since those laws and rules are easy to bypass, there are not effective, Thompson is taking it to the extreme, and trying to make sure that it doesnt happen. Sorry it seems to be the only rational form of thinking of why you would be trying to do this? Plus so what if he's asked Obama, for this, alot of people ask for stuff, doesnt mean its going to happen? and how did this get reported, did Thompson himself call up news companies and tell them what he did?

Mendicate Bias (on 23 March 2009)

It is amazing how effective Jack is at uniting the gaming community no matter what console preferences they have. Every gaming forum should have a lil Jack to help unite the gamers :)

1337 Gamer (on 23 March 2009)

gay but im pretty sure its not going to happen. Its called freedom of speech u stupid bastard. Games and even guns are not the problem we need to finally realize that some people are just fucked up. People are always trying to blame something on something else and games just happen to be the culprit. That kid in Germany is just a messed up kid its not the games fault

atma998 (on 23 March 2009)

That could be the end of the PS360... but seriously he won't be able to stop violent games.

dizzydee_011 (on 23 March 2009)

Also that picture of him is so creepy like crypt keeper creepy.

Molotov Cupcake (on 23 March 2009)

You all are no better than Jack, calling for a man to be killed or abused simply because you don't agree with his opinions. We all know that this bill won't be passed, yet you are all acting like childish bigots. This is simply a man who knows what riles the media. He wants this reaction to prove his point. Acting like uncivilized animals only serves to prove him right.

dizzydee_011 (on 23 March 2009)

Jack Thompson is an idiot! Banning video games won't do anything to prevent crime. There will always be some maniac or maniacs out there who think killing is fun whether there's video games or not.

Roma (on 23 March 2009)

Where is the chosen gamer that will kill this guy and rid us of his sh*t! lol

__XBrawlX__ (on 23 March 2009)

Gun + VG Trained Kid = Killings? So.. he wants to do this... Gun + VG Untrained Kid = No Killings? Yeah right... for god sake, just ban guns! Really!

chapset (on 23 March 2009)

kill him!!!!!!!!!

dib8rman (on 23 March 2009)

In the military, which I used to love this mantra, way back when, I remember that in our squad when one man screwed up at camp every man hit the dirt and started counting every time they kissed the mud and we didn't stop kissing the mud until it frenched us or we frenched it. I guess a squad is a smaller version of society, in that society needs to levy the burden of it's stragglers as well as improve itself. But what Jack want's is a bit out there.

Goldsaintcamus (on 23 March 2009)

Thank God I live in Mexico :D

kramikosi (on 23 March 2009)

Games has NOTHING to do with the god damn massacres. "He trained for it in a game" lol wut? Just because he had a game on his table at home doesnt mean that the game made him do it. Probably family matters or he got kicked in the ass on school or something.

Zucas (on 23 March 2009)

Well they can't be banned in America as the Supreme Court fiercely holds up the 1st amendment. However, in other countries, this could happen quite easily. Accept the Netherlands. What don't they accept there haha. Nothing to worry about here for Americans. However, I still love how the unspoken truth is society itself. One that continues to focus on the real problem, parenting, simply because its easier to do it this way. Why I devoid myself from such bullshit.

Goodfella (on 23 March 2009)

I'm seriously considering shooting this turd.

kramikosi (on 23 March 2009)

If that happens, and trust me, it WONT, EVER. He will get so many threats against himself he doesnt dare step outside even with his bodyguards. He gotta go in a armored vehicle to the store.

cody6695 (on 23 March 2009)

what the fuck?! Millions and millions buy M rated games so he will be hated and fuck him anyways, Blowing off steam in M rated games I think prevents many murderers from going over the edge.. Just Fuck you self absorbed fag!

sethnintendo (on 23 March 2009)

Good job Jack you just pissed off the entire gaming community once again. You know jack shit and you can go jack yourself off because that is the only thing you will accomplish.

Zomb1337 (on 23 March 2009)

Freedom of Press in America......Jack Thompson is a fucking douchebag.

dib8rman (on 23 March 2009)

I didn't know Jack had Crazy Eyes, I mean wow just look at them, they look Crazzy. =)))))))))))))) People ask their congressmen for things every day, I wonder who made Jacks request public... oh.. nevermind.

CGI-Quality (on 23 March 2009)

Mr Thompson, my avatar would like a word with you.... Worldwide ban? Please no........

JPL78 (on 23 March 2009)

And by the way, I say this as an ex-democrat... our current government is screwed up enough to actually do this. That's what scares me, not jackie boy.

JPL78 (on 23 March 2009)

So why stop at games? Why not movies, books and TV as well? I know! Let's just ban violence... that'll surely work! Cept we can still have constant wars going on and send our young kids off to score real headshots. That's acceptable. Seriously, if they did this, you realize it would kill like 90 percent of the quality games that come out nowdays?

Wiitard448 (on 23 March 2009)

I am pretty sure the president has better things to worry about. Like his NCAA basketball bracket! lol

kevin the wiiite (on 23 March 2009)

I wouldn't say "most" people drink responsibly, but yes, a little alcohol is good for you. If Obama bans violent video games I would be at the front of the protest mob in D.C.

novasonic (on 23 March 2009)

wow what a tool

camaro52391 (on 23 March 2009)

maybe we should ban alcohol from everyone because it can get to minors, even though most people drink responsibly.

darendt (on 23 March 2009)

Ban guns. Then they cant shoot anyone in real life. Problem solved.

Wokisan (on 23 March 2009)

Nothing admirable about the methods Mr. Thompson uses. If he spent as much energy on educating parents about game ratings, etc and encouraging them to be more proactive in what their kids play this would be a non-issue. And I say this as a parent with kids who are gamers (10 and 7). I know what my kids are playing, use the 360's parental controls, and I don't even let them WATCH me play the more mature games that I own. Hopefully as my generation reaches their 40s parents who are knowledgeable about games will be the norm, not the exception.

Agamemnon862 (on 23 March 2009)

A bit extreme no?

Ashkihyena (on 23 March 2009)

Yeah, good luck with that Thompson, especially once they bring up the fact that you were disbarred for acting like an assclown in your quest to get all violent video games banned. Oh, and banning guns wouldn't work either since if you can't get them legally, all that'll happen is you'll just get them illegally.

Doodle (on 23 March 2009)

this is such BS. i would guess a good 50-60% of all games sales come from M rated games (i could b wrong tho, so dont start flamin). so the games industry would collapse. any way, IMAGINE AN AMERICA WHERE GAMES LIKE C.O.D., HALO, GEARS, AND RESIDENT EVIL ARE PULLED OFF THE SHELVES FOR BEING M RATED. -head explodes-

darkhaven63 (on 23 March 2009)


sergiodaly (on 23 March 2009)

btw ... the guy has serial killer look in is eyes that make not thrust him...

Thatmax (on 23 March 2009)

If they wanna stop gun incidents shouldnt they ban actual guns rather than their virtual counterpart??

sergiodaly (on 23 March 2009)

i am playing mgs4 and what i have learned is to stealth my self in to the kitchen and scare the hell of my wife... games must be controlled by parents not by governments... stop been lazy and watch your kids...

only777 (on 23 March 2009)

Why not look at this simple information. European School shootings in the last decade reads like this: Erfurt massacre - Erfurt, Germany, April 26, 2002 - 17 Dead Coburg shooting - Coburg, Germany, July 3, 2003 - 1 Dead Grund- und Hauptschule von Rötz shooting - Rötz (Oberpfalz), Germany, March 2005 - No Deaths Geschwister Scholl School attack - Emsdetten, Germany - November 20, 2006 - 1 Dead Jokela school shooting - Tuusula, Finland, November 7, 2007 - 9 Dead Kauhajoki school shooting - Kauhajoki, Finland, September 23, 2008 - 11 Dead Winnenden school shooting - Winnenden, Germany, March 11, 2009 - 16 Dead In BOTH Germany & Finland you can obtain guns legally with a permit. We also know that in America these sorts of shootings occure where the same type of permit scheme is in place. What does that tell you? BAN THE F'ing GUNS! If you allow the public to buy guns, sooner or later people will use them. How many times does entertainment have to have the finger pointed at it before someone works that out?

Vetteman94 (on 23 March 2009)

It funny, I dont have any violent tendencies after I finish play violent video games. But I do have violent tendencies after reading anything this moron Jack Thompson says about banning video games. Does anyone else find that odd?

coasterlove (on 23 March 2009)

Wow! It's amazing how many idiots there are on this site. He speaks against violent games causing violence and the best response some of you have is to "kill him"? Yes, you've proven him wrong with that one. Do some of you even think before your fingers hit the keyboard? Another thing, some have tried to turn this into a Republican vs. Democrat debate. What Republican politician has tried to ban video games? I don't remember that ever being on George W. Bush's agenda while in office nor his dad before that. So before trying to say a Republican President would likely ban them, use your brain. Seriously. Video games are a multi-billion dollar business. They're not going to be banned...ever. So to the conspiracy theorists out there, stop being such sheep thinking and trying to convince others the government is out to get you. I've never seen one thread bring out so much stupidity.

hduser (on 23 March 2009)

I just finished Gears of War 2. I feel no additional compulsion to kill anyone than before I started playing it.

MDMAniac (on 23 March 2009)

If killer games were banned 3/4 of the industry would die and remaining 1/4 to alive would be Nintendo. It's lack of creativity and inspiration to create masterpieces in a way other than pushing 'gore' and violence over the edge what should be called lame in this comments, really. I don't necessarily support Thompson's rhetoric, it's just that observing teens praising in-game violence like it's their only chance to grow up makes me smiling.

Pyramid Head (on 23 March 2009)

go fuckyourself jack

pastro243 (on 23 March 2009)

Somebody kill him

snyperdud (on 23 March 2009)

Wasn't this already proven unconstitutional? Video games are a form of expression and art.This man is a fucking moron.

shinyuhadouken (on 23 March 2009)

I seriously don't like this guy. He should give up already.

richardhutnik (on 23 March 2009)

There is a reason why this guy was disbarred. Not sure what Jesus has to say about him, as Jack says he is a Christian and doing things for religious reasons.

SSSBOLIMAR (on 23 March 2009)

this guy suckkjs those shootings happened cause those kids were fucked up in the head not cause they were like oh man i just killed a guy in GTA lets do it for real not sane people sane people wouldnt do that

Wookaroo (on 23 March 2009)

That stare is quite unnerving. I think he's loosing something as he ages, like...his mind or something. Seriously though, it's all about the media attention. This guy is a scam.

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