Killzone 2 Breaks PS3 First Party Pre-Order Records

by Brett Walton, posted on 25 February 2009 / 45,387 Views

Brett Walton
25th Feb 2009

VGChartz today recieved confirmation in a discussion with Sony Computer Entertainment America that Killzone 2 is the highest pre-ordered first party PS3 title to date.

SCEA looked at the pre-order data two weeks out from launch for Killzone 2 and measured it against the same timeframe for its other major first-party titles including LittleBigPlanet, Resistance 2 and Gran Turismo 5 Prologue



Killzone 2 is the third installment in the Killzone franchise that began on the PlayStation 2 with Killzone and continued on the PlayStation Portable with Killzone: Liberation. The game was first announced at E3 2005 .

Killzone 2 will be released worldwide in the next few days and early reviews of the game have been largely positive. Stay tuned to VGChartz for early sales of the game when information becomes available.

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stephen700 (on 02 March 2009)

It's crap - I tried the demo and the AI of the game is pathetic, your own side dont even react when you shoot them accidentally, the enemy practically act as if they are blind , the scripted parts are so badly done - and it's also slow or near impossible to aim and has no mouse support either. Why would anyone spend money on an FPS game without mouse support , it's like buying a car without a steering wheel and expecting people to steer by pulling a few ropes attached to the wheels - it's amazing sony's programmers cant even write a mouse driver. This is why the Wii rules - it seems to allow people like me to play games it does not expect you to have 10 years of practice at using thumbstick controllers. - I just keep the PS3 for BD playback.

Smashed (on 01 March 2009)

L.C.E.C I don't see how the title is misleading.

Lodder (on 28 February 2009)

damn right

piccoro (on 28 February 2009)

go go killzone 2! go PS3!

Jamerica (on 28 February 2009)

Awesome! I really enjoy this game,you must buy it...

L.C.E.C. (on 28 February 2009)

Ya know... The title is VERY Misleading...

Shin Megami (on 28 February 2009)

@Onna76: "PS3 is a magnet for FPS". So not true: Was LittleBigPlanet a FPS? Was ValkyriaChronicle a FPS? MGS4? Flower? PixelJunkEden? Disgae3NobyNobyBoy? Fallout3? StreetFighter4? ResidentEvil5? Killzone2 will make 1 million WW first week without a problem. Could even be 1,5 million. Everybody is totally freaking out on it.

*~Onna76~* (on 28 February 2009)

Although I'm proud that such a big game is made in Holland and the team deserves the credit, but at the same time I wished Killzone 2 to bomb. Why? Because from now on all we will see on the PS3 are FPS, like the Wii is overloaded with casual junk the PS3 is a magnet for FPS games. Like we already haven't seen enough of that and let that be a genre I despise the "most" and didn't buy a friggin PS3 for.

Quartz (on 28 February 2009)

My brother is playing this now in the UK. I'm stuck in Germany atm so I'll wait till eater to pick up a cheap trade in. (If any exist then!)

existenz1 (on 28 February 2009)

i played this full game for the first time yesterday. its unbelievably awesome and intense. I played on veteran. When you stop its like "where am I ?" for a moment, you need to resync with reality man. Its a new experience

higgybaby (on 28 February 2009)

i'm going to dowload a new update for this incredible FPS, release 1.11 ciao igor

higgybaby (on 27 February 2009)

2 million world wide in the first week? ciao igor ps: in Italy it's already out and it's great!!!

klaudkil (on 27 February 2009)

if you check your rankings and goo down at the bottum.. the counter is on 792467... and there is a couple of dozens pages that has the same ..........soo it sold already more then 800k mil seller DAMN YES!

Ps3Fanboy (on 26 February 2009)

GO GO GO Killzone 2.

cool48 (on 26 February 2009)

Well thank god! I expect it will triple the first week sales of R2 and LBP so I would imagine that would mean more pre-orders.

alera (on 26 February 2009)

Well my limited tin turned upoday and its nice and only £32 delivered. The game is better than expected, graphically its very good looking there are issues with the camera and stuttering when loading. Its also a bit clinical ala Resitance. But credit where credits due its a decent game and they have even got there act together for online (although its still below par I am not convinced sony understand what is neede for a decent online FPS) It will sell well if for no other reason its the only game in town for the ps3 with the third party titles being so much better on the 360 / pc. Better than expected and at last a start from sony but on its own it wont dig the ps3 out of the huge hole it is in.

dandd (on 26 February 2009)

I'm thinking 500-650k initially. But, I don't see this game moving much hardware. I have a PS3, but I'm still on the fence about this one. Is there something weird about the camera controls? I've heard a couple people grumble about the camera. Is there something really wrong or are these just PC guys who can't figure how to use a controller for FPS?

Mummelmann (on 26 February 2009)

Preorders are mostly for gamers who stay updated and in the loop, I'm much more excited to see the retail numbers it can pull. 500k is dead certain and 1 million now seems entirely possible when tallying in the preorders. I wouldn't bet money on it though...

insomniac17 (on 26 February 2009)

This article was referenced here; Good to see that KZ2 will do well, though I didn't expect it to do badly in the first place.

musashibra (on 26 February 2009)

Where is my copy? I'm proudly one of the 1.2mi that are wainting for the Killzone2 launch day!

GamerBOB (on 26 February 2009)

Will this sell new hardware though? Owning a PS3 you'd think this a must have. (Allthough Killzone was seriously disappointing IMO) I'm looking forward to this title. I didn't pre-order but will pick it up in the next week or so. Very interested to see how it performs.

AnarchyWest (on 26 February 2009)

I didn't pre-order this game but im picking it up tomorrow evening...i hope there will be a copy left for me

Fei-Hung (on 26 February 2009)

im picking up my pre ordered copy tomorrow 9am. i cant wait. i actually tried bribing the sales assistant at the local GAME store but he didnt give in :( apparently and according to the manager at the store, the pre order numbers GAME has received across the UK is stupidly high. he couldnt give a number, but he also mentioned a quite a few ps2 owners had come in stepping up to a ps3 to get the game. it will be very interesting to see hw and sw sales to see how much of a difference it has made.

shams (on 26 February 2009)

To be honest, LBP & R2 didn't set the world on fire sales-wise. GT5P did ok, but I can't imagine the preorders for that being that insane. Either way its positive news - lets see how top heavy the sales become.

Quartz (on 26 February 2009)

Oh, I'll be getting the game... can't let my brother get all the Trophies!

outlawauron (on 26 February 2009)

Very good to hear.

Quartz (on 26 February 2009)

This game NEEDS to re-write the record books to get anywhere near Wii HW and SW sales... Still this will be interesting to track. I'm sure it'll sell well but it would need to shift the same amount in PS3's which I don't see happening. Not to put the fire out as it were... :)

Gilgamesh (on 26 February 2009)

Wow this is the number one article in Good job ioi/Brett!

bugrimmar (on 26 February 2009)

it's obviously lower than metal gear. if it were higher, sony would've gone bananas over it.

magicaces (on 26 February 2009)

Can't wait for this game, got it coming on pre-order. I think sales will be good as in better than any previous PS3 titles bar MSG4 but I just hope the game matches the hype although reviews on the whole are pretty good. We shall see bring on the weekend!

Space20man (on 26 February 2009)

I can not wait anymore

radha (on 26 February 2009)

first party ps3, well i don't think is higher than his royal majesty MGS4. GO PS3 !!!

Simulacrum (on 26 February 2009)

BRING IT ON!! Btw it didin't win Mgs 4..?

Noobie (on 26 February 2009)

i think it may reach 800 - 1m first week.. but hardware may not see much boast. may be around 180-200k WW for the week

GameAnalyser (on 26 February 2009)

well i received a copy a week early and had finished the campaign around 5 days ago and would say the game rocks. Now busy in warzone!! liked particularly the missions 'suljeva village' and 'maelstra barrens' shows off ultimate graphics rendered for the game. Overall a great one!!

Quartz (on 26 February 2009)

Hmm... Probably 700K WW for first week (taking into consideration for any staggered release dates. Lifetime? Personally I think around 4 million given the current install base and interest in the game.

Vas-y (on 26 February 2009)

Wow, so we really can expect a high first week number. The question is if this game can move many people to buy a PS3 just for this game. So hardware will be interesting for at least two or three weeks.

Riwels (on 26 February 2009)

I think 700K for the first week is not too much. GOW2 sells almost 2 millions, and this game is better (Better camera, sure). The worst thing I find on this game, is the sky. I know that make a real time rendered sky for a console game, is lose frames for nothing, but they put a very ugly sky. All other is so nice. Very good game.

headhunterz67 (on 26 February 2009)

Btw, will bundles be counted with KZ2 sales ?

headhunterz67 (on 26 February 2009)

This is NEXT GEN ! I love Sony <3

GOE (on 26 February 2009)

Game came out in Denmark yesterday! It frikkin rocks! Only complaint is the one-weapon system

makingmusic476 (on 26 February 2009)

@tombi: And considering the fact that this has the opportunity to surpass World at War's first week (the sequel to freakin' Call of Duty 4, probably the best selling FPS ever), and thus has the opportunity to become the best selling FPS on the ps3 to date, I don't see what's so disappointing.

Cthulhu (on 26 February 2009)

Sold out, dammit. i need to wait until Monday. I am calling shops and nobody has it. And it was released yesterday. I was f@cking working in the morning, when i went in the afternoon to get it, it was long gone...i might be lucky today, i will look for it again :((

axumblade (on 26 February 2009)

Cool. I hope this is a continuing growth from 1 massive release to the next. :)

meinvda (on 26 February 2009)

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tombi123 (on 26 February 2009)

@SnakeEyez Well 500-1000K worldwide does translate into 400K in NA alone, so why are you disapointed.

Bullet100000 (on 26 February 2009)

800K first week but I want 1mil+!!!!!!!!!!!!!

densiyrex (on 26 February 2009)

I tried the demo and that put me completely off. I can't get used to analog camera control anymore after a mouse or the wiimote sorry. I hope it does well though. But it's not for me I played the demo with a friend for 5 minutes and we just stopped.

SnakeEyez (on 26 February 2009)

Bret - "I'd be pretty safe saying 500k - 1m week one worldwide" Ouch. That's pretty low for worldwide numbers for a game as hyped as this. I had hoped it would have been 400k in NA alone.

sepisfu (on 25 February 2009)

i hope between 500k to 600k

iron_megalith (on 25 February 2009)

It's KZ2 but then again this is Sony so.... it probably won't reach a mil. :(

dgm6780 (on 25 February 2009)

I know I cant wait to get my hands on Killzone. But why the Friday release instead of the usual tuesday routine?

makingmusic476 (on 25 February 2009)

Excellent. Gran Turismo 5: Prologue had first week sales of ~640k, so Killzone 2 will probably top that. Looks like my first week prediction of 550k will be low.

reptile168 (on 25 February 2009)

impressive, considering that resistance is the more established and better brand (without killzone 2 since killzone 1 was a failure), Killzone 2 is doing incredibly well.

swyggi (on 25 February 2009)

From Manuelf "Being sarcastic and trolling are very different." Sarcasm is what fuels trolling. It can be useful/witty, or dangerous/ gasoline 0_o

limelight022 (on 25 February 2009)

450K first week.

City17 (on 25 February 2009)

Hooray for Killzone 2!

KylieDog (on 25 February 2009)

In other news! Sky is blue!

Dgc1808 (on 25 February 2009)

Didn't preorder [couldn't]. But this will be the next game I pick up. ^_^

SCEA (on 25 February 2009)

It brings a tear to my eyes :D

Tridrakious (on 25 February 2009)

Well I can't find the article I read that in europe the game was pre-ordered by over 2 million people. I know I read it somewhere though. This going to bug me til I find the article.

piccoro (on 25 February 2009)

I can't wait to have it!

1337 Gamer (on 25 February 2009)

not that surprising this game was destined to be big

tedsteriscool (on 25 February 2009)

Nice trolling tyig. This game should do 2 million week one between Japan, Americas, and Others.

jpain333 (on 25 February 2009)

@tyig but doesn't killzone 2 have a bundle in europe, or at least a few countries there? if i'm mistaken somebody let me know...

tyig (on 25 February 2009)

Now i realized how low are the sales of ps3 titles when not bundled, sad =/

Oniichan (on 25 February 2009)

i got my copy yesterday. almost finished the campaign on hardest (up to last boss fight) then i needed sleep.. was losing my touch.. hehe.. cant wait to see the first weeks sales results.

perpride (on 25 February 2009)

my friend just got his copy in the mail I'm so freakin jealous! I still have to wait almost 30 hours to play.

DirtyP2002 (on 25 February 2009)

Good for Killzone. Anybody remembers HipHopGamer: "will Killzone2 first day sales shatter Gears of War2 first day sales?" Now the answer is: No, but it has a good chance to reach half of the sales. This sounds fanboyish, I know and I am sorry for that, bur I just can't stand such an insane hype for a game. Just be happy that it is a fun game and selling well. Talking about "being HUGE" better than [insert random game] is just stupid.

Tridrakious (on 25 February 2009)

My prediction week one in the American market in the prediction league is 750000. Now that I fully understand the league rules and how to play I wish I would have put 1 million week 1 in America.

brendin24 (on 25 February 2009)

How much did it sell?

pezus (on 25 February 2009)

1million confirmed!!!....

thekitchensink (on 25 February 2009)

I'm predicting 900k-1 million first day, and 1.8 million first week.

livinglegend01 (on 25 February 2009)

Two More Days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gilgamesh (on 25 February 2009)

Awesome it wont flop!

KatinJin (on 25 February 2009)

If it does close to what MGS4 did month one in the US I'll be mildy surprised heh. No bundles in the US and few GS's actually doing midnight launches does not speak well when MGS4 pretty much had them everywhere.

CGI-Quality (on 25 February 2009)

Mg prediction for week 1: 700,000 WW. Gotta play it safe :)

luisgvm (on 25 February 2009)

greats news for killzone 2.

Solid_Raiden (on 25 February 2009)

Awesome to hear! :) I'm hoping it does even better then Brett anticipates and I'm going to predict 1.3 million worldwide.

sebnod (on 25 February 2009)

OMG, Sony makes Next Gen, Real.

Staude (on 25 February 2009)

i can't stop playing this game ! @_o

Munkeh111 (on 25 February 2009)

While Brett of course has the most informed guess, it does not mean it is going to be right, I still hope it can crack 1m, especially as it has been top of all the UK online sites for weeks

Globox (on 25 February 2009)

In EU game is selling like there is no tomorrow

Xen (on 25 February 2009)

Guys, leave Brett alone, he already told us enough to be happy ;) Now, it's only the joy of anticipating those numbers. And my copy of the game, of course.

blazinhead89 (on 25 February 2009)

Lets hope 700k first week :-)

Theo (on 25 February 2009)

So if all the people who pre-ordered pick up the game (which I'd assume they would, well most of them) and add that to all the other people who'll just buy it week 1 (me included) we should be seeing over 1m sold in it's first week?

Tridrakious (on 25 February 2009)

I thought I read about 2 or 3 weeks ago that in Europe Kilzone 2 has over 2 million pre-orders. I'll try to find the article I read. It was on joystiq.

Noobie (on 25 February 2009)

but can't u disclose the numbers.? of all first party PS3 titles.. R2, LBP, GT5P ...

snyperdud (on 25 February 2009)


ioi (on 25 February 2009)

I'd be pretty safe saying 500k - 1m week one worldwide

Tbone (on 25 February 2009)

Will be interesting to see next week.

--OkeyDokey-- (on 25 February 2009)

C'mon Brett, spill the beans already. What kind of numbers are we looking at week one?

kitler53 (on 25 February 2009)

awesome for kz2, i'm really hoping that in the end kz2 turns out to have simular sucess to that of gears on the 360.

Munkeh111 (on 25 February 2009)

1. I assume this is to retailers, so like GT 5 P having 1m pre-orders, sales were only 600k first week {all in EU} 2. What is the largest 1st party launch, I don't think it was that huge R2 sold 236k, LBP sold about 270k week 0 + 1, so this does not necessarily mean it is anything greater than 300k, though I am hoping for 400-500k

geddesmond2 (on 25 February 2009)

i have to say at first i didnt think much of this game but the more i see of it the more i like.bring on friday cas this wait is a killer

--OkeyDokey-- (on 25 February 2009)

I'd be worried if it didn't...