Rumor: Diablo III Coming to Nintendo Switch

Rumor: Diablo III Coming to Nintendo Switch - News

by Ben Dye , posted on 20 February 2018 / 2,165 Views

According to a recent rumor originating on Neoseeker, Diablo III is in the works for the Nintendo Switch.

“Blizzard is looking to implement local play with multiple Switches, allowing you to team up for local co-op action as you run around Sanctuary to stop Diablo," according to the site's source. If true, we can expect the game to release sometime next year.

Would you like to play Diablo III on the Switch?

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Megiddo (on 20 February 2018)

If Diablo 2 or Path of Exile were to come to the Switch, well, that really might push me to buy one. D3? No thanks.

KLXVER (on 20 February 2018)

Great game. I would double dip on the Switch.

Darwinianevolution (on 20 February 2018)

Well, that would be... unexpected. Out of all of the Blizzard games to port to the Switch, Diablo III is definitely not the first one people would think of.

Ka-pi96 (on 20 February 2018)

You're thinking of Overwatch first aren't you? :-P

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Darwinianevolution (on 20 February 2018)

Overwatch and Hearthstone, actualy. I'd have even thougt about a mobile version of Starcraft HD, but Diablo III? Is that game still that popular to merit a re-release?

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Ka-pi96 (on 20 February 2018)

Well there was a new expansion released for Diablo 3 last year, so yeah it probably is still popular enough.

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TallSilhouette (on 20 February 2018)

Hoped back in the day for a Vita version. Would be great on the Switch.

Azzanation (on 20 February 2018)

D3 on Switch would be cool, hope it happens

Chazore (on 20 February 2018)

I've already played D3 to Death, and even if it came to the Switch, the physics in that version would be watered down quite a lot. I love my Diablo III physics.

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Areym (on 20 February 2018)

Breaking news: Diablo 3 Switch edition to sell most copies out of all platforms available.

Machina (on 20 February 2018)

No chance.

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xl-klaudkil (on 20 February 2018)

Thats impossible...pc is like 15+ml

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Areym (on 20 February 2018)

It was more of a jab at all the recent indie games coming out with switch version outselling all other platforms. But hey, you never know.

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