EA Developer Reports Receiving Multiple Death Threats Over Battlefront II

EA Developer Reports Receiving Multiple Death Threats Over Battlefront II - News

by Patrick Day-Childs, posted 4 days ago / 2,579 Views

Star Wars Battlefront II has been the subject of controversy lately, primary due to its strict character unlock system and emphasis on microtransactions, but according to one of EA's developers this criticism has spilled over into death threats being aimed at him.

The developer in question reportedly responded to a spreadsheet that's been circulating on Twitter that claims to show how long it takes on average to unlock Darth Vader in the game, saying that it was unreliable and ignored several important factors.

As a result of his Tweets he claims to have personally received up to seven death threats, and thousands of abusive messages:

"So I'm up to 7 death threats, and over 1600 individual personal attacks now (and yes, for legal reasons I'm keeping track). And why, you might ask? Because of an unpopular feature in a game."

“Right? Over a freakin video game. I been getting used to it, as this has happened over the last 48 hrs, but then when telling my wife about it just hit me so hard when! This is a video game FFS!”

Ironically the developer in question, who goes by the now-protected Twitter handle @BiggSean66, didn't even work on Battlefront II, but that hasn't prevented a substantial number of Twitter users from harassing him.

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Ljink96 (4 days ago)

Okay guys, I know EA sucks balls for pulling this move but threatening their lives? You've sunk lower than EA at that point. He's right, it's a Video Game, if you don't like it, don't buy it. That's your option, or voice your concern in a matter that doesn't involve death.

KLAMarine (3 days ago)

...But... EA...

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Mr_No (3 days ago)

I agree 100% with you. I get people are frustrated, but I think they do this because they know EA will keep doing this in the future to their favorite games and franchises, and they do this to get their attention quickly.

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AngryLittleAlchemist (4 days ago)

Cry me a river. This happens to anyone with even a bit of importance online. It's not something that anyone should condone, it sucks that he's getting death threats, and it's ironic that he isn't even working on the game. But that doesn't change the fact that he's only trying to get publicity by making this public information.

reviniente (3 days ago)

The thought did cross my mind.

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Ganoncrotch (3 days ago)

I get this many people saying to KYS or w/e in games of overwatch most nights, fucking man up and ignore it. some kid on the net says to kill yourself, just fucking ignore it. Could VGchartz actually get rid of giving this rubbish attention please.

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mutantsushi (3 days ago)

"They act like they're being victims on Twitter when they fully know how toxic the community is." Seriously what does that mean? You know Twitter is bad, somebody threatens to kill you, now you are "acting" if you treat that seriously? Get real, AFAIK it is still a crime to threaten to kill anybody, internet or not. Irony is ... EA devs are probably now wondering just how serious they believe the 'violent videogames have no repurcussions' thing. Not taking a full position there myself, except to note I've never heard of puppy dog GIF fans flipping out like this, despite also being on internet. But yeah, just don't buy EA kids.

KLAMarine (3 days ago)

The internet is a toxic place: anonymity allows people to just let loose.

Chazore (3 days ago)

I had a feeling this would happen. They gain bad press and they need to find a way to turn things around, this is one of those ways. I don't condone death threats, but this seems perfectly well timed to use against the gaming community.

Liquid_faction (3 days ago)

Well, they knew what they were gong into by screwing over gamers. I don't want people killing each other over a video game, but this was obvious from the start what the people's response was going to be. Especially when no one already likes EA. They act like they're being victims on Twitter when they fully know how toxic the community is.

shikamaru317 (4 days ago)

Not that I condone death threats or personal attacks, but EA probably should have expected this when they put F2P features and F2P progression speed in a full priced game.

CaptainExplosion (3 days ago)

Very excessive this is, mmm!!

reviniente (3 days ago)

There is no such thing as bad publicity, the saying goes.

monocle_layton (3 days ago)

Only people worse than terrible corporations are those who are dicks to developers and customer service. Fuck em.

Johnw1104 (3 days ago)

These microtransactions and such are being shoehorned in due to shareholder pressure who (justifiably) want to protect and grow the value of their shares, and the CEO is beholden to them. The balance between pleasing shareholders and maintaining a healthy relationship with the consumer is a difficult one, and it's one that EA has probably faceplanted more often on than anyone else in the industry. Threatening people with bodily harm is stupid to begin with, but threatening those who merely work on the game (or have nothing to do with it at all) is just asinine.

KLXVER (3 days ago)

They really screw over gamers with this one. Now the game will probably only sell 15.9M instead of 15.92M. Take THAT, EA!!!

COKTOE (3 days ago)

EA is terrible. Maybe the worst. But save the death threats for your boss, co-workers, ex-wife, your ex-wife's new lover, stuff like that. You can't be tossing them about towards every uber driver/cashier/game developer out there, because when you REALLY need to make some death threats, you'll find you've spent all your death threat credits on unworthy targets.

COKTOE (3 days ago)

All I was saying is that there are better people to threaten. I hope I can clarify somewhat with some more examples, and then get some upvotes: A doctor who won't give you the pills you want. Your ex-wife's best friend, who's way closer to your ex-wife's new lover than she ever was with you. A mechanic who is fucking ripping you off. But NOT game developers.

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cmay227 (4 days ago)

Today's gamers suck. Period.

Mr Puggsly (3 days ago)

Well maybe... but more so social media has given idiots access to developers.

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cmay227 (3 days ago)

True, but gamers today have the gimmie,gimmie,gimmie mindset. It's pathetic. It's the way the newest generation of gamers acts. See it every day on Reddit and most gaming forums as well as my kids friends act. It's depressing.

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