Wonder Boy Sold More Copies on Switch Than Other Platforms Combined

Wonder Boy Sold More Copies on Switch Than Other Platforms Combined - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 13 September 2017 / 2,625 Views

It was revealed this week that Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas has sold more copies on the Nintendo Switch than all other console versions combined. 

Developer Lizardcube has now revealed that Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap has sold more units on the Switch than all other platforms combined.

Developer Mixed Bag Games announced that Forma.8 has sold more units on the Switch than all other platforms, minus iOS.

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monocle_layton (on 13 September 2017)

It's cuz da switch has no gamez lolll

Bandorr (on 13 September 2017)

Actually that is one of the reasons I bought it. Wanted something to play on the switch. There was little that I wanted to play.

Same reason I'm considering the DB game.

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Peh (on 13 September 2017)

Great game. Everyone should try it out.

oniyide (on 13 September 2017)

what the hell is Wonderboy?

BraLoD (on 13 September 2017)

A third gen franchise, mostly known by Sega Master System onwers, which were mostly us brazilians folks xP
Great game, that one in the article was the remake from the third game, a great remake from one of the best games back then.

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axumblade (on 13 September 2017)

Didn't this launch earlier on the Switch than the other systems?

Tridrakious (on 13 September 2017)

Probably due to the fact the other platforms have a massive library of games and this got over looked. Nice spin though.

Mr Puggsly (on 13 September 2017)

Sorry, I have so much else to play on X1 and PS4 I didn't even consider Wonderboy. But I do want to play it eventually.

routsounmanman (on 13 September 2017)

Yeah, we poor Switch owners have nothing to play... -.-

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Goodnightmoon (on 13 September 2017)

Of course the most voted comments would be one that suggests it only happened cause Switch had no games lol This is VGC after all

  • +2
Rafie (on 13 September 2017)

Well I have a Switch as well, but I agree with Mr. Puggsly. There's a lot more to play on the PS4 and X1 than Switch naturally. They've been on out longer. Switch just launched back in March. Switch will have more games no doubt tho.

  • +2
Jranation (on 13 September 2017)

I guess Indie games on the Wii U and 3DS sold very well then......

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